Tribute Page - Posted 27th September 2008 BST - eggy

On this page will be condolences, tributes and messages for Matt, his friends, family and Jo. I would like to ask that the content on this page is not cited in anyway at present, please respect our wishes.
I would like to thank all of those who have contacted me with your condolences, even those of you who had not even heard of the website until recently. I hope that the messages posted here will be as comforting to Matt's family, friends and Jo as they were to me.

Matt, you didn't deserve this, nobody deserves such a thing. You were such an amazing guy, talented in so many ways. I'm glad I got to know you over the years and I'm proud to call you a friend, and even more proud that you called me one too. I'll never forget the impact you had on my life; your creativity was something I always enjoyed. Whether it was your writing, or your hilarious comics, it was all top quality work.
The Website will be very different without you. We will try and carry on as best we can and not let all your hard work go to waste. But not seeing you around will be difficult. I'm going to fix up and work hard to keep this place up. One of the last things you said to me was how you noticed I was doing a lot more work on the forums and website recently, that made me feel very appreciated, and I'm going to do my hardest to learn how to code and whizz through the Admin CP like you could man.
Jo, without your hard work this website wouldn't be standing, and I wouldn't be coding this page without the templates you made...I cannot say 'I know how you feel.' because I don't. But I'm here for you if you need anything. When and if, you are ready to come back I'll await that day with open arms. I hope to talk to you soon.
I'm sorry this is short, there is so much I could write about you Matt, but at this moment I just can't.
I'll never forget you mate. I promise that. -eggy

Rest In Peace Matt. Feel well soon Jojo. - Zero

May you rest in peace Matthew. You were and are still very important to us, and knowing that we won't be seeing or hearing from you ever again is so terrifying feeling.
And best of luck to you, Jo. You are going to need it. - Lev

Matt, you were an amazing person, and this loss is still hard to accept. Rest in peace.
My sincerest condolences to Matt's family, friends and Jo. May you find the strength to overcome these difficult times. - Mextex

May your soul rest in peace, Matt.
And may Jo and your family eventually find the strength they need to keep on living. For your sake. - Advisor The Fly

Rest in peace, Matt.
I can't say I knew you well, but I did enjoy your comics and writing. Your creativity will not be forgotten. - Gaia

It'll be a sad world without you, mate. You didn't deserve this, you were a kind, thoughtful guy who never did anything wrong to anybody. We all miss you. One of the best guys I've ever met. I really regret not seeing you that last time, we had the opportunity but we shrugged it off and said "Next time". Well, there'll never be a next time now, and that'll stay with me forever. The memory of you will always be with me, with us, and we shall never forget just what a great guy you are. Go show everyone in heaven now, mate, what an awesome guy you are. We'll all see you soon. Keep me a seat warm.
Goodbye, Matt. - Gav

God be with you, Matt. Though we miss you and it pains all of us to think of how such a horrible thing could happen to a great friend like you, be assured that you'll never be forgotten. - Mr.Mario

Matt was always one of the most comforting presences to have in my online social life. Happy and carefree when you needed to smile, yet adamant and responsible the moment such behaviour was needed. He was an incredibly talented individual, and a huge contribution to our community, and I feel that I've learned a lot from him on how to behave. He was such a good, capable person that earned the respect of us all.
I remember when I first joined the previous community, it was because of his comics. Their quality impressed me heavily about the community in general, so when I found the place the first time I was compelled to let my appreciation be known. So in that sense, it's him I owe for becoming a part of this community; a deed to which I am entirely grateful as it's been a good learning experience and I have met a lot of fine people (such as Matt himself). I remember times when he would give me what I felt was a lashing (but wasn't at all) whenever I did something stupid like get a ridiculously large signature. I'd feel moronic looking like a git, to him particularly; he was that kind of person who in particular you'd be afraid of looking like a git in front of. He was such a great personality and contributor to the forum, and therefore to all of us. It's a shame that I never got to tell him what I thought of him before his departure.
Thank you Matt. Thank you for everything. - Sammieo

Matt, you were taken away from us too soon, and you deserved more than this.
Keep a seat free for me on the other side! - Hitokage

Nothing I say could come anywhere close to how grateful I am to have had you as a friend for the past 4 or 5 years. You've been like an older brother to me; someone I can look up to, someone who gives me advice when I need it, and someone who puts me in my place when I step out of line. Your affect on me was great, and will continue to live on for a long time, I can assure you.
Life will be bleaker without you, that much is certain. My love to Matt's family and friends, and especially to Jo at this trying time. - Craig

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Matt is how even those who knew little about him have been affected so much by his taking. That in itself is a testament to just how great a man he was. You will be missed, Bossman. - Nebula

I'd like the think I can relate to this somehow, but nothing would even come close to such a cruel blow to all of us.
RIP Shade, and my deepest sympathy to all those who knew him well. - MegaTank

Matt always worked to help and improve those around him. When AWB died, he didn't just let everyone fall apart, but he put so much into this site so we could stick together. There's a lifetime's worth of actions that are gone now, and the world is worse for it.
I hope you've found peace and happiness, wherever you are now. - GSR

Matt, I just want you to know that I've always thought you were a great guy who contributed a lot to our community not just as a member or administrator of the forum, but as a person. I may not have known you all that well personally, but you made just as much of an impact on me living as you did when you died.
You earned my respect through the way in which you've treated people individually, including me, and the calm and composed manner in which you handled business around here. I can recall the multiple times you stuck up for me in unfavorable situations or how Jo would tell us about how your words of encouragement gave her the confidence to do things she'd never been able to do before. Hell, you've even made me laugh quite a few times and that alone would make you a good guy in my book, but still, you pushed the extra mile and set an example I can see very few men in today's society living up to. You managed a great forum, maintained a stable relationship with a wonderful woman, kept up with college, and shared with us the fruits of your creativity. That's enough to take a lot out of a guy, but you kept pushing up until your final moments. Be in good cheer, though, for those efforts weren't in vain. Quite the opposite in fact; your endeavors will forever be recorded in this website, the hearts and minds of the people you reached out to, and the real-world impact you made with the actions you took.
I don't know where you are now, but for as much as I know of you, no God of mine would reject your passage to heaven. I'm headed there myself, so put a good word in to Jesus for me, all right? I'm not sure how soon, but I'll make sure to give you a holler when I get there.
Enjoy your eternal rest. - Aron

The only consolation that I can offer is that you are in a much, much better place now, Matt. - zakattack

We were hardly even acquaintances, but from what little I saw of him, he was a good guy. It saddens me that I didn't get to know him better, but what saddens me even more about this is that he was so uniquely influential, and those that knew him well lost a great friend.
My condolences to those that knew him well, and may you find peace, Matt/Shade. - Malabar

Shade was probably the only Admin I was actually"scared" of. Not because he was intimidating, but because he garnered so much respect from me so quickly. Granted, I heeded by all of the rules (for the most part) regardless of who laid them out, I mostly listened to Matt's. He was quite good at correcting problems on the first offense. One written sentence was normally more than enough to get his point across. On the other hand though, he was always quite fair, and normally quite humorous in his ways. At least he did his job with a smile.
Matthew James Pyke, on the other hand, remains mostly a mystery to me. Even though we talked a lot, I read a lot of his posts and quotes, and I heard a lot from other members, I never knew much about him. What I did know, was that he was an amazing person. Always made me laugh, whether he was making crazy spoofs on popular culture, ticked off about some sort of problems on the board, or just talking about his day. Jo, bless her heart, always had nothing but great things to say about Matt, for good reason.
He was a good guy, and its a shame he couldn't go out with a smile. I'm pretty sure he's up there somewhere, making awkward jokes about Banana Head Max, and regardless of the situation that's comedy gold.
In nomine Patri. Et Fili. Spiritus Sancti. - LTK

Matt, the world is a bleaker place without you. Your loss hurts us all, those whose lives you impact, those who you know, and those whom you one day might have influenced. We may not know what our future holds, all we knows is that we'd rather spend it with you. - Anthoes

You were my inspiration, and because of your greatness, compelled me to always do my best, give my best, and always overshadow my previous self, in a crazy race to try and be as good as you.
I miss you. - PhoenixGhost

Words cannot describe how much I miss one of my best friends. He was such a huge inspiration, a wonderful leader, a fantastic artist and writer, and possibly one of the most intelligent people I will ever have the fortune to meet. He always looked out for me, and always took steps to make sure his friends were happy and safe. I will always strive to make him proud in doing things he loved, I owe that much and a lot more to him.
Jo, you're always in my heart, and when we next see each other, there will be a huge hug waiting for you from me.
We'll meet again, mate. Don't know where, don't know when. But I'm sure we'll meet again, some sunny day. - Tommy

Matt, I'll miss our chats sooooo much. You always made me feel good about myself, even when I thought my writing was terrible or thought I was just plain stupid....Even if you confirmed that by outwitting me. I'll miss you, and I'm so glad I met you, got past my fear of the respected admin, and got to know you. I'll never forget you, and you've impacted my life more than you can imagine.
Jo, You're always in my thoughts and prayers. I'm always here if you need to talk.
Matt's family, You raised an incredible son, and I'll continue praying for you. - BackwardChelsea

Matt. Those years where we used to sit in the school library and chat about stuff... I shall not forget, I will cherish the memories. But what I will cherish more is the impact you had on my life. That day you showed me that dusty old notebook with your FanFic notes in and that model of the Red Mesa Heavy Tank (As featured in the FanFic)... That and the many good times we spent together will not go unforgotten. You opened the world of fictional writing to me, and whilst I may still be a novice... I will always look at you as my Master, but more importantly as my friend whom I shared some absolutely fantastic times with.
I look forward to the day when will shall meet again. In the meantime I will stop at nothing to achieve the best I can.
You are a shining beacon of greatness for myself and others to aspire to. - Keiji Nagasaru

Matt you were a great guy and i'm sure will live on in the memories of not just me but many other people. We know you're having a great time up there. - toad

I can only salute you here, good sir, but I do so with pride. You are a great man.
Peace be with you, Matt. - GreenEarthPFC

Being largely inactive, I did not know Matt that well at all. He seemed like a great guy though, and I would have liked to know him better. RIP man. - ramblingman

Matt, I may not have known you as well as I would have liked, but I knew enough to know you were a great guy. A fantastic artist, with a good sense of humor...I remember you from way back when I joined AWB, and I remember you now, although you are no longer with were fantastic individual. I, being that guy who is spastic at best in terms of showing up on the site, regret not being more regular in trying to get to know you better. You did not deserve to go out this is potential gone from the Earth, never to be's unfair.
You were a good man who produced many good memories, but more importantly, inspired many people and kept them together, a quality rarely seen in today's insane society. You will be sorely missed, even by this infrequent individual. Rest in peace, in peace. -Icecold

I did not know Matt as well as many members here, but what I knew I liked. He was funny, creative, smart and took his job as admin seriously. It was always a pleasure to read his comics or RP with him and discuss what the next move would be or get sucked into the engaging worlds of his stories.
Matt, you will be missed dearly, by me and by everyone else.
I am sorry that I have so little to say and cannot put into words the sense of shock and loss I feel, but I hope that this will suffice. - Intel Master

I've spent the past few days composing this letter. Matt and I spoke enough for me to get a glimpse of his character, even if it was only online.
Back in 2006, Jo and I were admins of then-AWBunker, and Matt was a mod. He got over the usual stumbles of being a new mod and quickly gained the respect of the memberbase. I really liked reading his comics, though I didn't comment on them as much as I'd have liked. Matt eventually got the role of admin and managing the site's code, to which he did an excellent job. Over the past years, I've had amazing MSN conversations with both Matt and Jo, some of which made for fun memories.
Aside from the convos, I really appreciated Matt's talents with Dreamweaver and coding with the site, both past and present. They shared many aspects of their life, things like how they would spend time at the park, at the mall, talking about getting into Trent Uni together, that sort of thing. They were real people, with real lives. Matt's passing does rock us to the core, yet it does not destroy us.
Matt and Jo were really a perfect match for each other and I would definitely have attended their future wedding, given the opportunity. Matt had told me he was considering proposing, which did not surprise me. They were a special pair. As Jo liked to say, "we symbiose". Matt had the kind of charm every girl hopes for. He had the right mix of shyness, clever wit, badassery, artistic talent, and a unique methodology of expression that complimented everything that Jo found attractive in him. Those traits showed up in his art and his posts, and many of us found it impossible not to be affected by the member we knew as Shade.
Remember Shade, now and forever. We love you, man. -FrostyLight

As soon as I heard what happened I decided to register here and give my condolences to Matt. Although I never got to know him, I would like to sincerely pass on my condolences to him, and his family/friends. I'm from Australia, and it really touches me to see someone whom is described as a nice person have a tragic end to his life.
I hope the killers are brought to justice. - Senku

ou were a great man Matt. Although I did not know you well as a person, your comics were always there to provide plenty of great laughs. Even after I left the boards I'd still pop in from time to time just to see what your latest creative genius had developed and enjoy the sheer awesomeness you compose. Your unfortunate end is a sad day for all the Matt's of the world. Rest in peace legendary graphical artist.
-Matt, better known on the internet as Tinto.

...Matt, I don't know what I can say to you now that your body rests in death. You were a great man, whose charisma resounded in the community and whose absence has resounded deeply on us who spoke with you. Even without your fanfics or comics, your personality had such presence as to inspire immediate respect on those who saw it. Thank you. Thank you for the site, thank you for the wit, and thank you for taking the time to talk to me.
Jo, I don't know if and when you will read this, but... I know what to say to you even less. I can only offer my deepest regret over what happened. - jaimeastorga2000