Below is some brief information about who runs this joint. If ever you need to contact any of us, it is preferred that you do so through the Forum, since we don't want to open our email addresses up to spam crawlers. =P


Lives in London, England and proud. Whilst working full time eggy finances most of the website and runs the forums alongside his staffing team. A proud supporter of Tottenham Hotspur he enjoys gaming, football and cooking. Always up for a chat and a laugh, don't be afraid, he doesn't bite.
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She's the official boss of the website, although her past admininistration experience with forums means she's seen helping to run the community while organising and contributing majorly to the website.
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Shade, the leader of the forums, also helps out greatly with the website layout and design... without him, the nifty design would never have happened.
He liked to call himself the forum and web monkey, due to the amount of code tinkering that he ends up doing.
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Site Staff

In charge of cleaning up the code up to web standards. Lives in the United Arab Emirates. Enjoys anime and manga as well as videogames in general. Currently employed in local government.
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Doing his A-Levels, Tommy has delved into his seemingly unlimited leisure time to help out by writing lots and lots of general articles for the site. His interests include boosting his already overinflated ego, making comics, maths, food, and procrastinating to the point of getting bored of procrastinating. His favourite videogames include Advance Wars, Pokemon, and Guitar Hero.
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Recently out of full-time, non-compulsory education and seeking employment, Nebula's main contributions have been feedback and the character guides for the main page. Nebula's main interests are currently RPing and drawing. If you're into that astrology stuff, he's an Aries. He doesn't think that this is really satisfactory as a profile, but it'll do.
Motto: "When in doubt, throw something together - it'll be alright... ish."
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Forum Moderators

A former vagabond with a shrouded past, now settled at Penn State University, seeking a Computer Engineering degree with an IT minor. When he's not working on important things, he likes writing, playing games, and designing games. He's always willing to lend a hand or an ear- just drop a line, and remember, "the sky's the limit".
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The Finnish reinforcement to the Moderator Squad, this youngster has many interests besides looking absent-mindedly over the boards and jumping to action when rules are broken on his watch. Airsoft, roleplaying to some extent, political discussions (right wing, beware!) and attending local senior high take up his time at the moment, but not necessarily in that order. Other lesser hobbies and interests have found themselves on his list too. If you want to contact this fellow from the land of Santa, snow, reindeers and monster winning the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, leave him a PM through the boards.
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Born and raised in Oklahoma, lives a quaint life full of small adventures. Enjoys camping, hiking, basketball, playing Xbox Live games, and internetting. He is currently in the process of becoming a cadet at the US Military Academy at West Point, New York. If you have any forum-related concerns or questions, or just want to chat, send him a message, you may just become friends!
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