Wars World Survey Update #19 - Posted 7th February 2011 15:40 GMT - JoJo

Apologies for the gap in updates. With the final term of university comes more work than normal, so updates will be sparse from here on in.
Still, this will be the final update of Wars World Survey. I have uploaded the final few Surveys - the four nations that make up the Green Earth Confederation are now available to read.

Wars World Survey Update #18 - Posted 10th January 2011 18:30 GMT - JoJo

Firstly, happy new year to all of our members and visitors!
I managed to lie. With many thanks to FormicShadowHive, I have uploaded a number of surveys for Black Hole COs: Flak, Lash, Adder, Jugger and Kindle are all now available.

Wars World Survey Update #17 and Merry Christmas - Posted 24th December 2010 19:55 GMT - JoJo

I'd first like to wish a merry Christmas to all!
The next two surveys, Sensei and Grimm, have been uploaded tonight. After this there is only one more to upload, however after that we will be continuing with A World Apart, and introducing the Tech Surveys, which work well in line with the Wars World Survey.

Wars World Survey Update #16 - Posted 23rd December 2010 20:10 GMT - JoJo

As promised, there are two Surveys available as of today: Kanbei and Sonja.

Wars World Survey Update #15 - Posted 22nd December 2010 23:30 GMT - JoJo

Today is the last of the single daily updates, with Javier being uploaded. Tomorrow we will have a double bill from Yellow Comet!

Wars World Survey Update #14 - Posted 21st December 2010 23:30 GMT - JoJo

With another late-night flourish, Jess is now here for you to read all about.

Wars World Survey Update #13 - Posted 20th December 2010 12:00 GMT - JoJo

Another day missed, whoops. Drake's up now.

Wars World Survey Update #12 - Posted 18th December 2010 20:40 GMT - JoJo

Tonight we move onto the Green Earth commanders; first in the queue is a personal favourite of mine, Eagle.

Wars World Survey Update #11 - Posted 17th December 2010 23:40 GMT - JoJo

And Sasha's now available.

Wars World Survey Update #10 - Posted 17th December 2010 10:10 GMT - JoJo

Whoops, forgot last night's update. Still, here it is: Colin. Sasha will be uploaded later today!

Wars World Survey Update #9 - Posted 15th December 2010 21:00 GMT - JoJo

Today is Grit's turn for the Wars World Survey treatment.

Happy Birthday and Wars World Survey Update #8 - Posted 14th December 2010 19:40 GMT - JoJo

Firstly I am pleased to say that we are this week (ish) celebrating our third anniversary! While it may not be big in comparison to other websites, it is a huge milestone for us all at Wars Central. Congratulations to all!
In other news, Olaf is the update today in the continuing Wars World Survey. Be sure to check it out.

Wars World Survey Update #7 - Posted 13th December 2010 23:45 GMT - JoJo

Left it late again, but it's Jake's time tonight. Tomorrow we'll be moving onto Blue Moon!

Wars World Survey Update #6 - Posted 12th December 2010 16:30 GMT - JoJo

Another early one, this time it's the turn of Rachel.

Wars World Survey Update #5 - Posted 11th December 2010 16:40 GMT - JoJo

Ensuring I get this in much sooner today, before I forget. Hachi's Survey is now up, so be sure to check it out.

Wars World Survey Update #4 - Posted 10th December 2010 23:50 GMT - JoJo

Well I almost missed today, but not quite! Nell is the next one to be surveyed.

Wars World Survey Update #3 - Posted 9th December 2010 21:20 GMT - JoJo

Third survey is Sami, and the next in line will be a certain Nell.

Wars World Survey Update #2 - Posted 8th December 2010 19:50 GMT - JoJo

The next survey is up: this time, Max.
Additionally, Wars Wiki has taken on a sort of Christmassy feel. Yes, Christmassy = green and Christmas lights. Check it out (if you dare) with the link towards the top.

Wars World Survey Update - Posted 7th December 2010 17:30 GMT - JoJo

The first of many CO surveys has been uploaded in the Wars World Survey section of the site. You'll recognise him as the lovable Andy.
Check back daily for a new update in the run up to Christmas... that is, at least, the intention.

New Article - Posted 14th November 2010 01:30 GMT - JoJo

The first six sections of Abalux's "Wars World Survey" have been uploaded onto the website: Wars World through to Black Hole. Many thanks to Abalux for giving me permission to re-post her legendary fanwork- if you don't know what I'm talking about, check the link below.

Updates to Fanfiction! - Posted 3rd November 2010 18:20 GMT - JoJo

Two further chapters have been added to A War Apart.

New Fanfiction Alert! - Posted 1st November 2010 20:10 GMT - JoJo

Scary occurrence - two updates in two days! This time, you're being treated to a fanfiction series loved by members on the forums, and on fanfiction.net- A War Apart, by TheDanish.
Only the first chapter is up, but be sure to check it out and follow the link at the end of the chapter- feedback is always appreciated by all authors.

New Article Alert! - Posted 31st October 2010 18:00 GMT - JoJo

Happy Halloween, for an article long thought to have been missing was located today, and subsequently uploaded onto the site! Creepy, huh?

Yes, we're alive and kicking - Posted 16th August 2010 20:10 GMT - JoJo

Hello hello hello. Long time no see, yes. Just a little update to inform you all of how the website is doing these days, and our direction.
Firstly, this has not been abandoned; far from it in fact! Wars Wiki, established back in February 2009, has experienced an explosion of activity in the last 5 months or so, both resulting in, and as a result of, the Wiki becoming a part of the Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance. In short, NIWA is a group of Nintendo game-based Wikis, working together to develop and grow.
We now have a full-time administrator running the Wiki, which has grown to over 350 articles this year. If you haven't checked it out in some time, now is the time to do so; much has changed in recent weeks and it is a hive of activity!

Speaking of hives of activity, the Forums are still alive and well, with the Advance Wars RP still booming, two years after it was first started up. There will always be room for new faces should it grab your interest, and hey, there's a Wiki to go with it, too!

Until next time!

Indeed, big changes! - Posted 26th February 2009 22:00 GMT - JoJo

Those of you navigating here through simply "warscentral.com" will have seen our new home page, offering links to the main areas of our site... one of which you will find is a new addition!

Yes, I'm posting to announce our new website section: Wars Wiki.
The purpose of it is for information about Advance, Battalion, Famicom, and Gameboy Wars to be pooled much more efficiently, in a system where anybody with information to offer can add it by themselves, without the need for a third party to add it to an article to put onto the website. It also allows information to be presented in a better way, making certain areas more clear.

Over time we're hoping that Wars Wiki will gather up the best quality information on everything to do about the games, and if you'd like to give a helping hand then the only step is to register, and dig in!

Big Changes! - Posted 21st January 2009 14:50 GMT - eggy

Wow. I didn't realise how long it's been since I've posted here..anyway, let's get down to business shall we?

This post is basically to inform you about all of the changes that have happened recently, along with those that will be happening over the next few months. We've got big plans for the site, however some of them are top secret and will be revealed at a later date!

Firstly, I'll talk about some of the newer changes on the board, the first one being the Forum Shop and Banking System. As you may or may not know the Forum Shop is full of prizes for our members, if you want to become a member and have a chance to win prizes, just sign up by clicking the link below, prizes include Free T-Shirts, Games, Sweatbands, Decals, Plushies and much much more. However we've recently introduced a new Banking System, which allows you to invest your hard earned forum currency, in our case G, and get some interest and bonuses on it. There are three different types of accounts, all of which can be found in the Announcement Board. I'll link you to it at the bottom of this update.

There are also going to be some interesting changes to the forum members, well, not the actual members themselves, but you'll see nearer the time.

Another update is that there will be some big big changes to the Wars Central Website itself, it's currently top secret, but we're positive it will help us branch out and get some more traffic, we'll be a great place for all your Advance Wars needs, be it Walkthroughs, FAQs, cheats and help, or if you just want to see some good Fan-art or Fanfiction, we'll have it all. So make sure you check back regularly to keep up to date.

Be sure to check out the Competition Board, there are many contests open for you to win some great prizes and entry is free and open to all members, both new and old!

Thanks for reading, and the updates won't be so far apart next time!

(All donations are still welcome, just click the orange box to the left..=p)

Updates! - Posted 22nd October 2008 10:25 BST - eggy

Just a quick update to show you we're actually doing work. =P

I've added Advance Wars Terrain and CO guides, along with Advance Wars 2 Terrain and CO guides. Had a bit of a problem with the images but we've worked it out pretty much.

We've also added adverts too, they should appear just to the right of this box over there --->
However, if you've got a ad-blocker they probably won't show up. I'm in the process of adding these to every page of the website, but they won't be on the forums.

Speaking of the forums, why not sign-up? Just click the link below this post.

Forums. Content. Future. - Posted 13th October 2008 11:45 BST - eggy

Sorry it's been a while since the last update, I promise the next one won't be as long...(don't hold me to it.)

Firstly, the Wars Central Forums. The forums are still closed to guests, however, we are accepting new sign ups. If you wish to sign up you must go through a validation process. Firstly, you must validate yourself with a valid e-mail address and then you will either be approved, which completes the sign up process, or denied, which means you do not get access. This process is done by me, so be nice to me and show me your offerings..=P

Secondly, I've added some new content to the website, basically, a few guides for Advance Wars 2, Advance Wars DS and Battalion Wars. That means less 404 error pages for all! YAY!

In the near future we will be adding more content to the website, along with a news archive too. Wars Central will remain open, despite the recent happenings. I'd like to thank everyone for their words of support and sympathy.

Oh yeah, almost forgot! We've got a PayPal Donate button now, so any donations are welcome!
<--- See? Just there! That orange button?
I'll take a penny..

But seriously, all donations are welcome, if you can give a little something that'll be awesome.

Tribute Page - Posted 27th September 2008 23:10 BST - eggy

I have taken the liberty to add a tribute page to the website, we would like to show people how respected and talented Matt was. This is just a first step. We will never forget you.

To view the page, click here.

If you would like to add to the page, please e-mail eggy@warscentral.com, again I will not answer questions about Matt, Jo, or their family and friends.

Registrations Closed - Posted 25th September 2008 15:46 BST - eggy

Due to recent events I have decided to disable any new registrations to the forums at present. This is only temporary, but I feel it is best. Secondly, Guests are now no longer allowed to view the forums. This is because I wish to protect the privacy of our members, especially that of Jo, Matt and his friends.

I wish I could write more on the matter, but I am currently not feeling up to it. The loss of a great friend, and fellow admin has been very hard to take.
If anyone does need to contact me, please send an e-mail to; eggy@warscentral.com It is unlikely that I will respond to any questions regarding Matt, Jo and the website.

Matt, you were a great friend, and a great man. I'm not normally at a loss for words, but this is something where I just cannot speak. I cannot imagine this place without you. You touched so many hearts. I hope whoever did this to you is brought to justice swiftly.

Jo, I hope you find the strength in you to get through this tough time, I'm here for you if you need me. I look forward to the day you contact me and let me know how you are.

I wish I could write more...but I just can't. In the near future I will. The world will know what a great man Matt was.

May you rest in peace, my friend.

Bad Internet Connections, Forums, Advance Wars RP! - Posted 16th August 2008 21:30 BST - JoJo

Unfortunately, no hard content updates, due to some problems involving internet...
As some may know, myself and Shade "borrow" a connection from a pub/bar below our flat. Since around the 6th June however, until mid July, this connection failed entirely on us, leaving no backup connection. Due to our moving (next door, no less :3), we didn't get a connection set up, and have only begun the process of getting our own, PROPER connection, now we're settled in our new digs.
The connection for the past month has been so... up and down, it makes you realise how much we rely upon the internet for sources, and to that end, have been unable to do much at all content wise, as I have taken to double checking submitted info. Nonetheless, with a stable connection being available around Wednesday (we hope), there should be an influx of content when the time around work and other commitments appears.

Onto the other part of the update, the forum has had a slight facelift in the past week or so, with the generic IPB skin being laid to rest with some AW-ish image replacements.
Shade also added in a brilliant tool on Friday, allowing integration of our chat room into the forum, so now you can browse the forum while chatting through the forum chat applet. Nifty!
Finally, something that was certainly a well enjoyed fixture by members back at AWB has made a very welcome appearance in the forums- tonight a brand new Advance Wars Role Play has been set up and started!
For those uninitiated in the workings of this, the RP revolves around the AW countries of old: Orange Star, Blue Moon, Green Earth and Yellow Comet. You RP as a CO in the ranks of one of these countries, and well, wars take place and all sorts. Too much to write here!
So, if anybody's interested, follow the link below and take a look around. Feel free to PM me if there are any questions about the history or workings of this RP; I'd be more than happy to show some new people the ropes. :)

This is where I will now promise to update with a (hopefully) large amount of content next time around, internet permitting!

Fanfiction, Super Duper Mega Forum Competition - Posted 5th June 2008 18:00 BST - JoJo

First and foremost, some content. *gasp*

I've coded up and uploaded a fanfiction by Shade, one of the other admins that run this here place... you'll find it on the Fanfiction page with the name "Children of the Desert".
Over the next few days I may find other fictions to upload, but in the mean time if you would like to submit any of your own works you can do so at the forum. This also applies to fanart if you're so inclined :)

Now onto the second point, the Super Duper Mega Forum Competition. On Tuesday eggy began the main summer competition- a treasure hunt. The winner's prize is billed to be a t-shirt of your choice in the size that you require, and the competition is open to anybody and everybody on the forum, even new members.
All you need to do is join up if you haven't done so already, and use 1G of the 55G rewarded to you for registering at the forum... full instructions are given in the topic, linked below.
The introductory round will be open until the start of next week, so you still have a few days to get in on the action!

Something... kinda? - Posted 29th May 2008 12:30 GMT - JoJo

Again, I haven't got anything solid to tell you about... still a case of plenty of content, but not enough time to work on updating the site with it, unfortunately. I may work on some stuff rather than bleed away time on Civilization IV this afternoon, however...

Since the last time I updated we've been having more server issues. We are currently on a server that's not doing good at all, but we are either about to be moved to a different server, or have just been moved.

Either way, when things are indeed loading, albeit very slowly, the place to keep an eye on is THIS topic. It's being kept up to date whenever there is an advancement (either information or more problems), but hopefully we won't have to use it for much longer!

In other news, the Competition Board over at the forum has a new moderator, and with more competitions coming up, there will be more chances to win one of our forum prizes (T shirts, keyrings and posters to name but a few). So if you have some spare time, perhaps the Competition Board may be a worthwhile time waster. =)

Failing that, if you're the creative type with spare time, there are plenty of opportunities to submit some AW/BW fanwork for G... links are below.

Nothing =( - Posted 28th April 2008 13:00 BST - JoJo

Unfortunately, nobody's had the time to get on with coding some pages up for the website. Work's got in the way for Shade, and university's bitten me again. As such, updates may well be sparse for the time being, but once I work out a revision schedule I'll make sure I work some update time into it.
So, in the mean time, I figured I may as well plug something for Shade. He has a thing going at present called "How Hard Can it Be?", and basically, members (ie YOU), suggest a challenge for him in line with what's going on... for instance, at present he's trying his best to conquer Blue Moon with Orange Star COs.
The result is a video showing him either completing, or failing the mission miserably.
If you want to check this out, follow the link at the bottom. =o

Forum, Forum Issues and a Bonafide Update! - Posted 3rd April 2008 20:35 BST - JoJo

Yes! A Proper update!

Over the past who knows how many weeks, in my spare time I've been beavering away at coding some pages... and now the set is complete, so I'm announcing it all as I post it.

We now have a full S-Rank walkthrough for the normal campaign of AW1. It's all uploaded and visible... follow the link after this update to see it in all of it's glory.
Of course, this couldn't be done without Matthew Emirzian of GFAQs, who made this guide many moons ago, so kudos to him!

Now, the second part of the update... we're still having issues with downtime (the entire website has been down for the majority of today =(), but our host has informed me that we should be away from the downtime and slowdown by Friday.

Of course, inbetween the intermittent outages, I'm sure you could use a little time in visiting the forums, to see our new wonderful shiny shop system that's up and working.
While we have no items in the shop right now, I can promise that there are T-shirts, and other little goodies up for prizes if you get enough of the forum's currency (G)... Plus, every new member at the moment receives a nice tidy sum of G to get them started on the Shop system...
So whaddya think? Check us out!

Okay, I'm done for the time being. I should have more updates coming in a few days. =D