A War Apart by TheDanish

The story follows an Orange Star Lieutenant and his subordinates/friends in the period after the Omega Land War. Without a common enemy, the Four Great Nations fall into political struggle and infighting, and these individuals experience a very different war. They must face old friends as new enemies along with their own fears and doubts. Also features a few well-known COs in both major and minor roles, including Max and Sami. Rated T for profanity, violence, and death. This is meant to be written realistically. My goal is to keep all existing characters, well, in-character.
I hope I can promise that this isn't "just another piece of Advance Wars fiction". The story has *gasp* character development and character flaws, which I feel are hideously underrepresented in most fanfiction.
(Rated T)

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Chapter 1 - The End
Chapter 2 - Revelations
Chapter 2 - The Lion's Cousin