Over time we will be gathering a collection of the best fanfiction that’s submitted by our members. Each one will be hosted here for you to read, and if ever you want to leave a review for the writer, simply visit the forum and post in the respective topic in Creative Corner. 
To read any of the fanfictions, just click on the title below. 

Children of the Desert – Shade 
“We have lived amongst the sands for all our lives…it is all we know, our way of life. The dunes are our only friends, and anything else…is an enemy…” (Rated T)

A War Apart – TheDanish 
The story follows an Orange Star Lieutenant and his subordinates/friends in the period after the Omega Land War. Without a common enemy, the Four Great Nations fall into political struggle and infighting, and these individuals experience a very different war. They must face old friends as new enemies along with their own fears and doubts. (Rated T)