Advance Wars: Dual Strike General Info

Basic Information

Publisher- Nintendo
Developer- Intelligent Systems
Platform- Nintendo DS

Date/s of Release-
US- August 22nd, 2005
EU- September 30th, 2005
AUS- March 22nd, 2006

Rating- E (Everyone, US) 7+, (PEGI, EU)

What’s New?

-New CO’s – There have been a lot of new CO’s added to AW:DS- including Jake, Rachel, Sasha, Grimm, Javier, Koal/Zak, Kindle, Jugger, and Von Bolt. More information on these can be found in our AW:DS CO guide here.

-New Units – There are a number of new units in the game- these are the Megatank, Piperunner, Oozium, Black Boat, Carrier, Black Bomb and the Stealth Fighter. More information on these units can be found in our AW:DS unit guide.

-New Properties – A few new properties have been added to AW:DS- the Comm Tower, the Black Crystal and the Black Obelisk. More information on these new properties can be found here.

-New Weather – Even the weather has something new- the sandstorm. More information can be found on this page here. And in AW:DS, when it rains, it now brings the deadly Fog Of War with it, so watch out!

-New Game Modes – Two new game modes have been added to AW:DS. These are;

Survival – There are three types of Survival; Time Survival (Missions must be completed in a time limit), Money Survival (An alloted amount of funds is assigned to complete the mission) and Turn Survival (A series of missions done in a set number of Turns). Ranks are awarded for doing well in these three modes. For more, see our walkthroughs here.

Combat – This is an entirely new form of game. It is played in real time, against the computer or against your friends, with four units- the Mech, the Recon, the Tank and the Artillery. These units have different capabilities on the standard AW map which is used in this mode. CO Powers can be used, and various different powerups are used throughout the game. There are three different difficulties- Normal, Hard, and Brutal. Combat mode can be used in DS Download Play, with up to 8 players. For more information, see here.

-Tag – A new, interesting addition to strategy in the game is the Tag option. A CO can be paired with another CO to reap different benefits off different CO effects (Colin/Kanbei, as Colin can buy units cheaply, and Kanbei’s units are strong). A Tag Power is where both CO’s unleash their SCOPs at the same time, effectively allowing the controller two bites at the apple (known as a Dual Strike). Each CO has a set of tag affinities with other CO’s, which increase (or decrease) the effect of the Tag Power, and extra day to day luck. For more info on Tag Affinities, see our AW:DS CO Page.

-Dual Fronts – Dual fronts introduce the concept of two battles in one- literally. Usually, the bottom screen displays the battle and the top displays unit intel. On some maps, the top screen shows another battle (second front), which is played simultaneously with the lower screen. Units in the first front can be sent to the second. Two different CO’s are used on each side- if the second front finishes faster than the first, the victorious CO will rejoin their ally on the first front.

-Wireless DS Play – The DS adds wireless Download Play to Combat Mode- where two DS’ are used but one game pak. Wireless battles can be wagered against two DS’ with two AW:DS games, up to eight players.

-Touch Screen – Units can be moved using the touch screen and the stylus. 

-Medals – Medals can be earned for certain acheivements in the game. 

-Sound test and art galleries have been included, like in AW2.