Advance Wars DS - Story Information

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Once again, Black Hole has invaded Wars World! This time around, their invasion is centred around Omega Land, where the four familiar countries have settled- Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth.

Black Hole is back- this time under a new leader- Von Bolt. He has also brought along with him his private Bolt Guard comprised of Kindle, Koal (or Candy and Zak, depending on which region you are in) and Jugger. Previous Black Hole CO's, Hawke and Lash, make a welcome return to the series and complete Black Hole's fearsome lineup. Von Bolt's aim is to achieve eternal life, and to do this he is using super-intelligent Lash's latest invention, the Black Obelisk, to suck the energy out of Wars World and grant himself immortality.

But Black Hole isn't the only faction to boast new CO's. Rookies Jake and Rachel join Orange Star for the Omega Land conflict, Sasha, Colin's sister, joins Blue Moon's ranks, Sensei's student Grimm fronts Yellow Comet's campaign, and Javier is welcomed into the Green Earth military. Together, they must band together and wipe out the newest Black Hole threat.

However, Hawke is suspicious of Von Bolt's plans, and notices Wars World becoming a desert and he begins to question his boss' use of the Black Obelisks. As he uncovers the plans, Von Bolt betrays him and sends his new weapon- the Oozium 218- to dispose of Hawke and Lash. However, with the help of the Allied Nations, they fortunately escape.

Using the new, and extremely valuable intelligence from Hawke and Lash (now totally discouraged from the Black Hole cause), the Allied Nations push the Bolt Guard forces out and out and out. They slowly corner the hostiles and set up a penultimate mission in the middle of the Crimson Sea. They destroy the very last Black Obelisk, and go and visit Von Bolt.

Von Bolt utilises the Grand Bolt, a giant Oozium, against the combined forces of the affected countries, but this proves futile as the Allied Nations destroy the Grand Bolt and once again corner the leader of the enemy. Jake (or Hawke, as it is YOUR choice) destroys Von Bolt's life support chair, killing the tired old man. It is also implied that Hawke died in the resulting explosion.

The Allied Nations have defeated Black Hole once again- and this time for good.