AW: Days of Ruin General Info

This page will have, as best as possible, a chronological timeline of the developments regarding AWDoR/AWDC, which is now known as Advance Wars: Days of Ruin in America, and Advance Wars: Dark Conflict in Europe and Australia. 
Release Date (North America): 23rd January 2008
Release Date (Europe): 25th January 2008

The AW:DoR box art and title logo, as revealed on 9th December 2007

First, a release date of Quarter 4 2007 was seen by many eagle eyed people on a Nintendo Europe release list from E3. A more realistic date of “2008” was quoted on the Nintendo Europe website, but for weeks after the initial hint was dropped, not a whisper was heard regarding AWDS2. It lead many to begin wondering whether the game would ever make it. 
However, that all changed on 28th September, when a French forumgoer returned from a games show in Paris with what was a picture of the title screen to AWDS2. That screen is below. 
This member also came back with an account of what he had seen when playing one of two demo carts of AWDS2, but due to high security measures did not have any visual proof to back this up. However, his word was taken as the truth, and the information quickly spread. 

Sad_Panda’s observations were as follows: 

  • As far as could be told, the COs of the past AW games have been replaced by a new set;
  • The bright, “cartoony” designs have been replaced with a more realistic, military look. However, it was emphasised that the old design hadn’t completely gone;
  • Aside from the new design, the graphical side of things seemed to be similar;
  • A bike infantry unit has been added. It was the only new unit noted.

Individuals questioned the information’s accuracy, and some even went as far as saying that it could well be a mock up saved onto a flash cart, and played through the DS Lite. These thoughts were hushed on the 30th however, when another Micromania guest stepped forward with more information. This was posted on the internet as a series of screenshots on Jeux France, from which a fair amount of information can be gathered. 
For ease, a standalone Screenshots page has been created, so that they can be viewed separately. Here is another list of information that has been confirmed not only by these screenshots, but by player accounts that have since arisen.

  • The 10HP per unit system seems to be intact;
  • Terrain defence stars system also remains;
  • The art style is quoted to be “post apocalyptic”;
  • There seems to be a mission titled “Devastated World”;
  • Gone are Orange Star and the crew, replaced by at least two new factions, only one of which is known about so far. One of the factions has a wolf as their related image, such as Orange Star’s star, and one of the factions is called Hyperia;
  • The simple touch screen movement system has returned;
  • Some COs have been introduced through the screenshots. While little has been disclosed, here’s a rundown of the people. 
    Lieutenant O’Brian/Brenner – seems to be an experienced war veteran. 
    Ed/Will, who looks to be similar to Jake/Andy. 
    Lin, a woman of east Asian descent from the sprite shown.

If you would like to check out the screenshots for yourself, be sure to look at the Screenshots page. 

More information arose on both the 10th and 11th October, with various screenshots seeming to have come from Nintendo’s Fall 07 Conferences. 

One main factor that came from the latest batches of screenshots seems to be the greater emphasis on a storyline- something that will please many fans, no doubt. 

The “post apocalyptic” atmosphere in the game seems to have been created by a very large meteor strike, which, according to a rough Japanese translation of some storyline text, wiped out 90% of the population. It is unknown at present why exactly fighting is occuring after such an event, but ideas pitched so far are based on the thought that the fighting is possibly aimed at trying to find out who was responsible for the meteor strike, assuming that it was an anthropogenic disaster. 
Of course, so far the reasoning behind the war is mere speculation, and shouldn’t be treated as fact. 

The newest screens show that an isometric view has been adopted on the map overview screen, which has received mixed opinions from the members on the forum. Any game mechanics that may make use of the isometricity have yet to be unveiled.