AW: Days of Ruin Air Units

An asterisk (*) denotes information that has not yet been confirmed, and so information from previous games has been inserted for the time being.
Battle Helicopter
cost: 9000 *


Weapon 1: Air-Surface Missile

Weapon 2: Machine Gun

Battle Heli's Targets:

Air unit. Can attack ground and naval units, and other helicopters.

Known as B Copters in previous games, these low-altitude craft can be fired upon by various land units as well as those whose purpose is to take out air units.
With a great visibility and movement range, these units are incredibly versatile, not to mention useful... as is their ability to be restocked and shielded by Cruisers - not only do Cruisers refuel and replenish the ammo of a Battle Heli, but it can also safely transfer the units past very damaging Fighter units.
However, be very aware of the proximity of enemy Cruisers and Anti-Airs; these two units can shoot a unit of copters out of the sky in no time at all.
Air unit. Can attack air units. Most mobile aircraft.

This is thought to be a renamed version of the Fighter from AW games of old. With a movement range of nine, they can get across maps in no time, and coupled with their vision range, they are extremely useful for scouting out enemy territories in FoW.
The best part to them is that only Missiles, Carriers, Anti Airs, and Cruisers can attack them, which means that you can usually waltz into enemy territory and not worry about being attacked immediately.
They can take out other aerial units in no time at all, and with only Fighters able to retaliate, they can last a very long time in a battle.

cost: 20000 *


Weapon 1: Anti Air Missile

Weapon 2: NONE

Interceptor's targets:

Ship Plane
cost: Unknown


Weapon 1: Missile

Weapon 2: None

Ship Plane's Targets:

Can attack any unit. Can only be produced by Carriers.

These are bound to become the bane of many a player. With the ability to attack everything, with indiscriminate power, this is clearly going to be a lot of players' number one choice for attacking enemy armies.
The sigh of relief for players going against these will be their very low ammunition and fuel reserves - the ammo is good for only three attacks, and the fuel seems that, in old fuel consumption terms, it will last less than eight days.
The addition of this unit, along with the means of producing one, will no doubt create some new tactics.

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