Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising General Info

Basic Information

Publisher- Nintendo
Developer- Intelligent Systems
Platform- Game Boy Advance

Date/s of Release-
US- June 23rd 2003
EU- October 3rd 2003
AUS- Late 2003

Rating- E (Everyone, US), 7+ (PEGI, EU)

What’s New

-New COs – There are a total of seven new playable CO’s in AW2- Colin, Sensei, Jess, Flak, Adder, Lash, and Hawke. Hachi is playable as a secret CO. For more information on these CO’s, please visit the AW2 CO Page here.

-New Unit – The only new unit to be introduced into Advance Wars 2 is the Neotank. For more information on this unit, please visit the AW2 Units page here.

-New terrain – Three new pieces of terrain have been incorporated into AW2- the Pipeline, Pipe Seam, and Missile Silos. For more information on this terrain, please visit the AW2 Terrain page here.

-Super CO Powers – These offer an extension to the CO powers previously found in Advance Wars. It takes longer to save up for a Super CO power, but the rewards are more noticeable than a standard CO power.

-Secret Missions in Campaign Mode – There are several unlockable secret missions in the Campaign mode that can be obtained by capturing a certain property in one of the missions in each country. Completing these missions will allow you to use the Neotank in Campaign Mode. For more information on these, please see our AW2 Walkthrough.

-Campaign Mode Change – Instead of playing through all of the different countries in turn, AW2 allows you to do Orange Star, then Blue Moon or Yellow Comet first, then the other one second, then Green Earth, then finally, Black Hole.

-22 new playable maps. 

-Sound test – this allows you to play through the various music tracks within AW2, but only after you have collected enough G and it has been unlocked by playing through the campaign. 

-Image gallery – like the sound test, this also requires unlocking, but allows you to look at various bits of in-game artwork. 

Credit goes to forum member Tommy for this page.