Advance Wars 2 - Story Information

This is the spoilered version. To view the non-spoilered story, please click here.

"Macro Land, where the Black Hole Army's iron fist has crushed all opposition. Elsewhere, their grip is tightening..."

Black Hole are back in Wars World and this time they mean business. Their technologically advanced army, led by ruthless, tactically astute CO's (well, excluding Flak) have invaded all four of Macro Land's countries- Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet and Green Earth. Their mission is to establish a Black Hole nation here in Wars World. Their mysterious leader, Sturm, aims to gather enough money and materials from the four factions to eventually crush them like bugs.

He has placed confidence in his CO's to destroy the Allied Nations- still recovering from the war in Cosmo Land. Flak has attacked Orange Star, Lash Blue Moon, Adder Yellow Comet, and Hawke has been assigned to Green Earth.

The story begins in Orange Star, where the hostile Black Hole forces have been spotted by Nell, Commander In Chief of the Orange Star forces. She calls familiar faces Andy, Max, and Sami to the action, and eventually (with your help) they push back Black Hole to the very borders of Orange Star, where they see them off their land. Flak's cryptic warning however, says the Black Hole Army are in the other nations, each sapping their resources just like Orange Stars...

After the Black Hole forces had been driven out of the four countries, the Allied Nations assemble their tired forces for one last assault on the Black Hole territory. They eventually reach the front door of their base, to be confronted by Sturm and his gigantic army... and a massive death ray. But thats not the worst of it, as the death ray is concealing a missile that will destroy half of Wars World- in thirty days time.

After much toil, the Allied Nations destroy the Death Ray and pull off a stunning victory. After the CO's disarm the missile they march into the base, meeting Sturm again. Sturm has different ideas as he tries to destroy the entire base and wipe out all the CO's with him. Andy steps forward to stop Sturm from doing so- and he puts himself in mortal danger. However, Hawke, Sturms second-in-command, kills his own superior using his Super CO Power, Black Storm. He then rounds up his troops and leaves Macro Land, with the Allied Nations beating Black Hole again.

With thanks to Tommy for this.