Advance Wars 2 Campaign Walkthrough

With thanks to Machrineith for the currently published guides.

You may find that the enemy's movements may deviate from what has been mentioned here- we apologise for this, but there is no way around the unpredictability of the AI in the game.

Every mission, including the Neotank missions, have a guide. The missions in which the Lab Map can be found have been highlighted, as have the Neotank missions.
The Neotank missions aren't compulsory, but the prize at the end of them can certainly help in later missions.

Orange Star Campaign:
Mission 1: Cleanup
Mission 2: Border Skirmish
Mission 3: Orange Dawn
Mission 4: Flak Attack **Lab Map
Mission 5: Lash Out
Mission 6: Andy's Time
Mission 7: Test of Time **Neotank Map
Mission 8: Liberation

Blue Moon Campaign:
Mission 9: Tanks!!!
Mission 10: Toy Box
Mission 11: Reclamation
Mission 12: T Minus 15
Mission 13: Neotanks?!
Mission 14: Nature Walk
Mission 15: Two-Week Test
Mission 16: Factory Blues

Yellow Comet Campaign:
Mission 17: Silo Scramble
Mission 18: Sensei's Return
Mission 19: Show Stopper
Mission 20: Duty and Honour
Mission 21: Foul Play
Mission 22: A Mirror Darkly
Mission 23: Sea of Hope
Mission 24: The Hunt's End

Green Earth Campaign:
Mission 25: Sea Fortress
Mission 26: Sinking Feeling
Mission 27: Drake's Dilemma
Mission 28: Rain of Fire
Mission 29: Danger X9
Mission 30: To the Rescue
Mission 31: Navy vs. Air
Mission 32: Great Sea Battle

Black Hole Campaign:
Mission 33: Hot Pursuit
Mission 34: Final Front