Advance Wars Campaign: Mission 5(M): Sniper!

Difficulty: **
Days: 5
Technique Limit: 3

This is a fog of war map involving hidden distance units, where you must move your transport copter along the south part of the map to capture Grit's base. Since you can easily lose many units due to mis, you will have to learn where Grit's distance units are hiding and prepare beforehand by staying out of their range. There are two rocket launchers on the map, one of which is in the last forest directly south of your transport copter, and the other of which is on the city inside the curved mountain range. Grit also has anti-air units coming down the road and missile launchers in the north and northeast sections of the map. You can only lose three units, so I recommend you play through the level once, and try again once you know what to expect in the fog. Fortunately, the level is made easier by the massive amount of troops in your command.
In order to finish the map by day five, your transport copter needs to be able to move one extra space to drop the infantry directly on to Grit's base. To do this, you need to deliberately allow your units to be damaged enough so that you can use your CO power on day three to get the extra movement space. You must also bring the anti- air unit within your rocket launcher and copter attack range on day four, to destroy it. You need to be careful, though, since you can only lose three units.


Day one, move your rocket launcher southeast onto the road, and attack the infantry with your mid tank from the south, move your two tanks east and northeast of your mid tank, and attack the artillery and tank with your two copters from the west. Load your two mechs into your APC and transport copter, and move your APC south on the road, dropping the mech south into the forest, and move your transport copter south, dropping your mech south. Move your south infantry south.

Day two, attack the rocket launcher with your mechs, the recon with your mid tank, and the tank with your north tank. Move your remaining tank northeast along the road, load the infantry into your transport copter and move it one south then east below the forest, move one copter east of your transport copter, then your other copter northeast of that copter, move your rocket launcher east along the road, and your APC east.

Day three, attack the anti-air with your rocket launcher, use your CO power, then attack the anti-air with your copter from the south. Move your transport copter east and drop the infantry east onto the base.

Day four, begin capturing. Move your rocket launcher west.

Day five, finish capturing.

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