Advance Wars Field Training Mission 7: Copter Tactics

Mission Briefing: It's time to introduce air units.

Terms to Win: Defeat the Blue Moon forces.

3 Orange Star Cities
8 Blue Moon Cities
Orange Star HQ
Blue Moon HQ

Predeployed Units:
Orange Star- 4 Infantry, 2 Mech, 1 APC, 1 T Copter, 1 Artillery, 1 B Copter, 1 Tank
Blue Moon- 2 Infantry, 2 Mech, 2 Tanks, 4 Md. Tanks, 1 Artillery, 1 B Copter

Orange Star Day 1: Move the southern-most Infantry unit 1N and load it into the Tcopter. Move the Tcopter 6S and drop the Infantry. Move the Bcopter 3S and 3E then fire. Move your Artillery unit 1N and 2W. Move your southern-most Mech unit 2W. Move your other Mech unit 1S and 1W. Move your Tank unit 2W. Move your western-most Infantry unit 2S. Move your eastern-most Infantry unit 1S. End your turn.
Blue Moon Day 1: Northern-most Tank unit moves 6W and fires. Other Tank moves 3N and 2W then fires on the Tank. Bcopter moves 6W. The eastern-most Md. Tank moves 4W. The Md. Tank nearest to it moves 1S and 4W. Northern-most Md. Tank moves 5W. Both Mechs moves 2W. Remaining Md. Tank moves 4W. Artillery moves 2N and 1W. Both Infantry units move 1N and 2W.

Orange Star Day 2: Start to capture the BM HQ with the Infantry that is already on it. Use your Artillery unit to fire on the southern Tank. Blue Moon Tank is destroyed. Move your Mech on the city 2W. Move your Tank 1S and 1W.Move your Bcopter 1W and 4N then fire. End your turn.
Blue Moon Day 2: Northern-most Tank moves 3E and 1S. Bcopter moves 4W and 2N. The southern-most Md. Tanks both moves 5W. Northern-most Md. Tank moves 1S and 3W then fires on the Tank. Orange Star Tank is destroyed. Remaining Md. Tank moves 3N and 2W. Both Infantry units move 3W. Both Mech units move 2W. Artillery moves 4W and 1S.

Orange Star Day 3: Finish capturing the Blue Moon HQ with your Infantry.
A Rank get!

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