Advance Wars Field Training

With thanks to SciFiGuy for this guide.

General Info

Field Training is basically the tutorial on how to play Advance Wars in the first AW game. There are 13 missions to complete, and an extra mission is unlocked after you beat the 13th mission. Field Training is the first mode you play before you can play many other modes in the game. If you know what you are doing, then you can just beat the 13th mission so you can move onto the other modes in the game. This turn-by-turn guide will explain how to get an A Rank for each mission.

General Disclaimer

Sometimes you may find that something in my guide is wrong. Well, the reason for that is because something called "luck" is in the game. Sometimes units don't do as much damage as they should, sometimes they do more etc. This causes the computers to make different moves if something doesn't happen as planned. If you get a different outcome than what this guide says, you can notify me on my AIM screen name chaosmaster17 and I will try to give you a different set of moves to do so you can still get an A Rank on the mission.

NOTE: When I say "3W" this means "3 spaces west." The letter refers to the direction to move in and the number refers to how many spaces to move in the direction. Here's a key for the directions I will say throughout this guide…
"N" - North
"S" - South
"E" - East
"W" - West

Each mission has it's own page, and can be accessed by clicking the relevant link below.
Mission 1: Troop Orders
Mission 2: Terrain Intel
Mission 3: Base Capture
Mission 4: Unit Repair
Mission 5: APC ABCs
Mission 6: Tank Ops
Mission 7: Copter Tactics
Mission 8: Air Assault
Mission 9: Air Defense
Mission 10: Dogfights
Mission 11: Naval Forces
Mission 12: Climate Status
Mission 13: Fog of War
Mission 14: Special Intel