Wars World Survey: Empire of Yellow Comet - By Abalux

Cultural Basis: East Asia (predominantly Japanese)
Population (% Military): 400 million (1%)
Government Type: Constitutional monarchy
Primary Industries: Agriculture, electronics, fishing
Exports: Computers, electronic appliances, rice, seafood
Imports: Iron, lumber, silicon


The founding of the Empire of Yellow Comet dates back ninety years. When Asian colonists split from the original Orange Star settlements, they traveled to the sea east of Cosmo Land. There they found a chain of islands resembling old Earth’s Japanese Archipelago. The colonists took this discovery as an auspicious sign. Settling down, they began building Wars World’s first exclusively Asian communities.
These settlements soon united under the charismatic Nitano Kanbei, an influential and powerful general. Unification bought on the creation of both an imperial family (the Kanbei dynasty) and a parliament. It also allowed the fledgling empire to explore and develop outlying islands. Further exploration uncovered a second chain of “Japanese” islands. These also got developed. Throughout this, the people of Yellow Comet lived in peace. Their military focused on civic engineering, exploration, and national defense. The seas were theirs, allowing them to trade easily.
This all changed forty years ago. When the dictator Steinhalt took over Green Earth, he sent naval strike forces to disrupt Yellow Comet shipping routes. The honorable citizens of Yellow Comet could not let this go unavenged. Under the command of Eiji “Sensei” Yamamoto and Kanbei III, its military destroyed Steinhalt’s navy. This was the beginning of the Cosmos War. Orange Star, Blue Moon, and Yellow Comet united to liberate Green Earth. They succeeded-but at great cost. Orange Star and Blue Moon suffered massive war debts. Yellow Comet’s price was subtler: its people became more suspicious of the outside world and isolated their territories. Yamamoto-san retired during this time. Bestowing his powers on the crown prince Hideo Kanbei, he left Yellow Comet and mourned his nation’s new xenophobia.
Yellow Comet had only begun to open up when it suffered Wars World’s first Black Hole attack. About five years ago, the navy reported strange ships off the eastern coast. The crown prince, now Emperor Kanbei IV, sent his wife, Empress Isa, to investigate. The terrible battle that followed resulted in the annihilation of several imperial squadrons and two coastal cities. The empress, a highly skilled CO and student of multi-terrain warfare, disappeared into thin air. Kanbei was left to care for their daughter Asuka (who now prefers the foreign name “Sonja”) alone. Both hate Black Hole with all their hearts. The return of “Sensei” Yamamoto has further increased their determination to avenge the kidnapping (and/or murder) of a beloved wife and mother.


The two main Yellow Comet archipelagos are mountainous and dry. Plains dominate the low coastal areas, allowing the nation’s numerous ports to expand easily. They also provide open spaces for the military’s constant training exercises. The island’s few forests are primarily deciduous and beautiful in the fall and spring.
Nearly every Yellow Comet city is a port. Although these cities are the least advanced on Wars World (Yellow Comet citizens still build using stone and wood), most have booming electronics districts. Some products of their labs surpass Orange Star’s computers and video games in sophistication and speed. These districts often border more traditional neighborhoods, making many Yellow Comet cities blends of old and new culture. The capital, Takimura, is a particularly interesting blend. Because of Sonja’s support of computer research, the imperial palace has several programming labs nearby.


Like Blue Moon, Yellow Comet’s government is dominated by a parliament. Unlike Blue Moon, this parliament has genuine power. Yellow Comet’s parliament meets weekly or whenever emergencies arise. It is divided into two houses, roughly equivalent to the British House of Commons and House of Lords. Kanbei himself is in charge of the upper (noble) house. He also has limited power over the lower house; he may send bills down to it and veto their policies, both of which the lower house can overturn with enough votes.
Kanbei is definitely more than a figurehead. In fact, he is Yellow Comet and the Kanbei dynasty. He uses and answers to only his family name nowadays. He also indulges in the “imperial ‘he.’” Finally, he also spends his own money on his military. Across Wars World, these characteristics make Kanbei a memorable figure.


The Yellow Comet military is a bit of a paradox: a self-defense force with out-of-date equipment (ten years behind Blue Moon) and a force feared across Wars World. Much of this reputation comes from its training. Whether troops serve under Kanbei, Sonja, or Sensei, they become well-versed in holding positions, gathering intelligence, and rallying the people to fight. That the Yellow Comet army is a volunteer force helps it get soldiers who want to do the job. People who join are trained so well that they have no trouble getting civilian positions after their discharges.
The Yellow Comet army does more than fight, though. Because its nation's small tax base can cause hard financial decisions, many of its vehicles serve purposes other than warfare. The Yellow Comet APC is the most famous example. With attachments, it can serve as a bulldozer. Rocket and missile trucks can have their weapons detached and replaced with a normal truck bed. As a result of their vehicles’ versatility, Yellow Comet soldiers serve as civil engineers and farm drivers in peacetime. This is another aspect of their training that allows them to transition easily into civilian careers.

Current Events

In the second war with Black Hole, Green Earth suffered the worst damage. Its forces crumpled against Hawke's troops. Why did Wars World's most determined and advanced military perform so poorly? The answer is simple: Hawke looked like, and used the same CO power as, Steinhalt. Old demons die hard. It was only the bravery of the Green Earth COs and the aid of the Confederation's neighbors that forced him to retreat.
The most important civilian news item in Yellow Comet is the succession. If Kanbei does not remarry and have a son, Sonja will eventually become the nation’s first empress. Yellow Comet’s people are divided on this issue. Some are fine with an empress, while more traditional members of society are strongly opposed. The matter is moot for now. Until Kanbei finds out what happened to Empress Isa, he’s not remarrying.

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