Wars World Survey: Wars World - By Abalux

Population: 2.5 million


Wars World is a human colonial planet settled about 150 years prior to the AW games (hence the smaller population). It was colonized under an international space program that used slower-than-light (STL) ships. This program had three effects on Wars World society.
First, it is a diverse society. Nearly ever region of Earth was involved in the colonization program. This means Wars World society is as diverse as Earth's. Individual cultures maintain certain characteristics of their Earth cousins, such as religion and language, while adding their own distinct variations.
Second, Wars World society is isolated. STL space travel is effectively a one way trip. Even if travelers get back to Earth, time dilation means they won't recognize the place. STL also makes resupplying colonies harder. As a result, Wars Worlders are self-reliant and independent, but capable of binding together in times of danger (like the current Black Hole situation).
Third, and related to the previous point, Wars Worlders are proud of who they are. Although they are not quite as advanced as Earth was, they have greatly developed their world. This pride is why Wars World's nations do not use nuclear weapons. They don't want to destroy this hard-earned success. Of course, Black Hole might not have these reservations...

Geography and Climate of Wars World

Compared to Earth, Wars World has more and smaller continents: Cosmo Land, Macro Land, and Omega Land are only the most prominent. These continents are also more isolated from each other. In fact, the colonists' first major task was building navies; connected continents were so rare that they had no choice if they wanted to travel.
On the flip side, Wars World's continents are concentrated in the temperate climate zones. Some regions display extremes. Still, this concentration has made farming and ranching Wars World's most profitable industries. It also makes the planet pleasant in peacetime.

Resources of Wars World

As noted above, Wars World is a successful agricultural planet. It isn't just an agricultural planet, though; it has mineral and energy resources nearly equivalent to Earth's. The nations of Wars World use these resources to build industries and technology on par with contemporary Earth's. In particular, Orange Star makes the most reliable military gear and Green Earth has an unparalleled vehicular industry. This prowess does have a drawback. According to most intelligence reports, Black Hole invaded Wars World to take over its industries and resources.

The Allied Nations

The Allied Nations (AN) is Wars World's equivalent of the UN, founded after its armies' first encounter with Sturm. It includes Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and all of Green Earth's member nations in its membership. Responsibilities include regulating international law and trade and organizing planetary self-defense.

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