Wars World Survey: Confederation Spotlight: Kingdom of Viccario - By Abalux

Cultural Basis: Spain and Italy
Population (% Military): 20 million (0.2%)
Government Type: Constitutional monarchy
Primary Industries: Automotive manufacturing, communications, tourism
Exports: Automoblies, electronics, wine
Imports: Grain, industrial metals
CDF Uniform Variations: Viccariano CDF soldiers are immediately obvious because they wear berets instead of helmets (Viccario can get rather hot).


Viccario has the distinction of being the oldest nation on Wars World. When the Italians and Spanish constructed their joint colony ship, their leaders decided they wanted to reach the destination first. Whoever got there first would, after all, get first pick of the new planet's resources. The nation's scientists put the best boosters and rockets on the ship to fulfill their goal. Even the Germans and the Americans were impressed by their power-and, indeed, the Italian-Spanish colony ship made it to Wars World an unprecedented fifty years before the rest of the fleet.
The only trouble was that the ship landed on a rather dry, dusty plain. Seeing this, the colonists clustered around the nearby coasts and river. Through hard work, they irrigated their settlements and began growing crops suitable to the Mediterranean environment. Growth was still rather slow. In this harsh land, that was to be expected.
After about fifty years, the collection of settlements calling itself Viccario became large enough to require a defined government. Its people were resigned to being alone on a strange world. (Little did they know that fellow Terran colonists had arrived; the Viccarianos were too busy maintaining their own colonies to investigate the planet.) They also knew that they needed a strong government. Therefore, the Viccarianos held an election. The winner, a humble farmer named Raoul de Ricando, became the first king of Viccario. He was given absolute authority over its people and set up government in Plata del Rio.
Viccario flourished under the de Ricando dynasty's control. In the absence of foreign trade, its people developed hardiness and self-reliance. In fact, they were so unified that, eventually, there was no difference between Italian or Spaniard. The two groups' languages merged into a single Romance language, Viccariano. It had no foreign influences. This was how isolated Viccario was, and its people suspected they were the only humans on planet.
It was quite a shock, then, when strange ships made port. The sailors that disembarked were plainly Asian and spoke the hitherto "dead" language Japanese. Viccariano scholars of old Japanese history came to meet the sailors. They claimed to be from a place called "Yellow Comet" and looked just as surprised to see the Viccarianos. The descendants of the Spanish and the Italians realized they were not alone. A whole world of humans awaited them. Some Viccarianos mastered formerly "useless" languages and went to explore their planet. Viccario soon began trading with the rest of the world. Its people, and those of Yellow Comet, still remain close.
Compared to other nations, Viccario got off easily during the Cosmos War and the Macro Land conflict. Young Javier de Ricando's decision to assume his father's abandoned throne gave Viccarianos much-needed morale. His steadfastness may very well be why the nation repelled Steinhalt's forces. In addition, Javier's competent administration of domestic and war policy gave him much needed support when he decided to sign the Green Earth Confederation Council charter. Viccario's transition from an absolute monarchy to a parliamentary one occurred with little difficulty. As for the Macro Land conflict, Plata del Rio took moderate damage during Hawke's surprise attack. Javier's sudden CO Power eruption caused a rout. Had it not occurred, Viccario would have lost most of its government officers and Hawke might have claimed the nation.
The Omega Land conflict was trickier. Viccario was never attacked, but its main water source, the Rio del Sol, completely evaporated. It took emergency aid from the Confederation to keep the nation going. Viccario has recovered admirably, though, and is ready to face the next Black Hole invasion with its king's beloved megatanks.


The terrain of coastal Viccario is much like old Earth's Mediterranean: arid, with plenty of bushes, small trees, and clear sky. Farther toward the mountains, the land becomes even drier until it is finally true desert. Only mesas and the relative fertility of the Rio del Sol break up the sands and sagebrush.
As might be expected, Viccario is the exact opposite of Avalon in precipitation, with particularly brutal summers. On the rare occasions that the sky darkens and rain begins to fall, everyone from Javier down stops working and watches (or stands outsides to savor it). This tendency toward clear, warm weather does have benefits for Viccario's people. Few places on Wars World have better broadcasting clarity. The lack of weather has made Viccario the planet's communications hub. Radio and television stations from all nations rent its com towers for emergencies. Unsurprisingly, Avalon engages in the most rental-the island nation's fog is so strong that foreign com towers are often a necessity for non-domestic broadcasting.
Three-quarters of Viccario's population clusters near the coast; the nation's oldest cities dot it like jewels. They show their age through their size, sophisticated culture, and wealth. These cities include:
- Diegas: This city is Viccario's scientific and industrial center. While Viccariano cities are not as heavily industrialized as other Green Earth nations', Diegas comes fairly close to the manufacturing capacity of Stamsbourg or Jocquand. The engineers of this city constructed the megatank, among other wondrous ground vehicles.
- Nuovo Cadiz: If a television show is made in Viccario, odds are it's filmed in or broadcasting from Nuovo Cadiz. This vibrant city is the center of the Viccariano television and film industry. Com towers are as common as skyscrapers in its skyline, and entertainers flood the place looking for their big break.
- Plata del Rio: Plata del Rio is not the oldest settlement in Viccario, but, thanks to its status as the capital and its position on the Rio del Sol's delta, it is prestigious and cultured. It has the most theaters and museums of any Wars World city. Perhaps most importantly, Plata del Rio is the site of Javier's Baroque-styled castle complex. The castle's gardens and fountains are among the most beautiful on Wars World. (Removing the spent rockets and tire marks from the gardens after the Macro Land conflict was a major project!)


The constitutional monarchy of Viccario is arranged much like Direnholm's: Javier is a figurehead who opens sessions of Parliament and the Prime Minister is the true power. Unlike Direnholm's parliament, the Viccariano parliament is orderly. Javier studied Direnholm's system and disliked the constant strife. Therefore, the ministers of the Parliamento must adhere to royal decrees of politeness and nonviolence. Conflict within it is subtle and enacted in the back rooms and offices. Other than the decrees, Javier holds little control over the Parliamento.


Viccariano military forces are among the most balanced on Wars World. Javier and his generals see little use in overspecialization-particularly because Viccario's military is strongly teamwork-oriented. Viccariano military communication is second to none. While Direnholm practices blitzkrieg through blindingly fast air attacks, Rostania practices it through powerful artillery and tank raids, and Avalon generally ignores the practice for quiet, steady naval maneuvering, Viccario overwhelms opponents with the most well-coordinated military units on Wars World. Even before Javier's entry into the CO ranks, his nation's military branches could move and attack with amazing precision. Javier's CO Powers have only improved the Viccariano's military performance.

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