Wars World Survey: Asuka 'Sonja' Kanbei - By Abalux

Age: 18
Height: 5'4"/1.62 m
Weight: 120 lb/54 kg
Birthplace: Imperial Palace, Takimura, Yellow Comet
Languages Known: Sonja perfectly speaks the languages of Wars World's major nations and fluently speaks many of the other nations' languages. In addition, she is learning Terran Standard, the language of Zeffen and (of course) Earth.
Relatives of Note: Aunties Ai (60), Meiyun (57), Sakura (55), and Emiko (51), all noblewomen serving at the Imperial Palace and father, Kanbei, 49. Her mother Isa is technically no longer alive, however still advises her father.


Sonja was, put simply, brilliant from birth. Her mother Isa, the empress of Yellow Comet, noted that her newborn daughter was unusually alert. Suspecting great intelligence even then, she made sure the young princess had numerous intelligence-stimulating toys. The empress was right. Sonja (a European name for use among foreigners) read by the age of two, mastered six languages by four, and designed a personal web site at the age of six. Her tutors could barely keep up with her. Only the empress herself, also exceptionally bright, was truly at ease around her daughter.
Their close relationship was what brought Sonja into military affairs. She began reading her mother's tactical manuals and books on military history. Seeing this interest, Isa began training her daughter in the military sciences. Sonja was as natural at it as she was in other academic disciplines. In fact, both she and her mother noticed that she had a natural gift for the field. Isa began making arrangements to send Sonja to Orange Star's International Military Academy. Since the princess had, at seven, graduated from secondary school, academics would be no problem. All the empress had to do was convince the instructors to tailor the physical training to Sonja's young body. Sonja's academic and tactical training spoke for itself. At her mother's bidding, she made the long journey to Orange Star.
Sonja found her studies at the Academy immeasurably intriguing. While she often felt awkward as its youngest student, she enjoyed Orange Star culture and the courses. She became particularly interested in the unit-level aspects of logistics. Soon, Sonja was creating ways of hiding her units' strength. Even upperclassmen such as Nell and Grit took notes on her techniques. No one else was so effective at them'and that was before Sonja's CO Power manifested. She became one of the rising stars after that. Second only to Nell in performance, and almost always besting Sami at academics, Sonja graduated with high honors.
Upon returning to Yellow Comet, Sonja became her mother's apprentice. The empress couldn't have been more pleased with her daughter's performance. Gleaning what she could from Sonja's textbooks and class notes, Isa wrote a handbook, The Imperial Guide to Contemporary Military Strategies. Sonja was the first to receive a copy. (The book Sonja almost always carries is, in fact, that copy of the Imperial Guide.) She used and taught from it regularly. It was particularly helpful when Sonja needed to explain the new methods to Imperial Reconnaissance Force units. Mother and daughter grew even closer as they learned each other's techniques. Sonja wanted to do her best to impress Isa.
Unfortunately, the empress went to investigate a sighting of strange naval forces the week before she was going to begin Sonja's terrain training. Sonja was as devastated as Kanbei when she learned her mother was missing in action. However, Sonja also knew that Isa would not want them to put their lives on hold. They were the imperial family, the rulers of Yellow Comet. They could not falter before their people. Therefore, Sonja reminded her father of this and encouraged him to continue their normal lives. Sonja even took up her mother's position, believing that there was no better way to honor the missing empress.
The imperial family went on with noble life until the supposed Orange Star attack. Sonja, who had learned of Andy, realized that the attack was too sophisticated to be led by a green CO. Her testing of the Orange Star command after Kanbei's humiliating defeat only proved it. She used her father's honor to convince him to let her investigate. Kanbei did, and the princess soon met other suspicious COs: Grit and Drake. The three of them tracked the mysterious attackers to an island off the Avalonian coast. To avoid too much detection, Sonja went in alone. She soon came to regret it. Thanks to his forces' superior sensors, Sturm ambushed and eliminated her recon force and captured the princess. She spent most of the resulting battle locked in a very secure cell. Near the end of it, though, Sonja figured out how to unlock the door'something only a technological genius like her could manage. She stole key data that gave the Allied Nations a better indication of what they were facing. While many of Wars World's other COs were enjoying the too-short peace, Sonja was trying to discover the identity of a particular brain wave connected to the intel.
She cracked it soon before the Macro Land conflict and was horrified. The brain wave matched her mother's medical readings. It dated back eight months, and the only conclusion Sonja could accept was that Isa was alive. Lash's powers, discovered in Blue Moon intel and Sonja's personal experiences, only made the princess more suspicious. Finally, she found waves similar to her mother's intruding in Yellow Comet's military supercomputers. Sonja had to investigate. As a result, she was the one who confirmed her mother was now an AI. Sonja spent several days cracking the Black Hole programming. When she finally finished deprogramming 'Isa,' she found a vital source of intel... and new training.
The empress taught her daughter her final secrets: the use of ambushes and other dirty tricks to undercut opponents' terrain advantages. She told Sonja to continue battling Black Hole and seek vengeance against Lash. It was this drive for revenge that brought Sonja to Omega Land. When she got there, though, she found the Omega Land Allied Nations representatives working with Lash! An extensive interrogation revealed that the Black Hole scientist had fled certain death. She had only taken Isa's powers for career advancement, not malicious experimentation. Sonja was floored. While she couldn't forgive Lash for what she did, she was perfectly willing to work with her. The combined brainpower of Sonja and Lash was one of the major factors that defeated Von Bolt. Afterwards, Sonja returned to Yellow Comet as a heroine. She told her mother that she 'neutralized Lash as a threat' (not a complete lie). If the AI empress of Yellow Comet saw through it, she didn't tell.


For her young age, Sonja is remarkably pragmatic. She tends to do what is best for her current situation. While this attitude marks her as a child of modernity, she does have her limits. Sonja will not do anything that would raise Kanbei's ire unless she feels it is necessary (such as wait in ambush for an attack she knows is coming). She also will not unnecessarily harm her soldiers. Because she lives in such a small nation, Sonja understands that her soldiers are a vital resource. She secretly considers herself a more restrained commander than her father. After all, Sonja deploys her units to gather information and fight opposing troops, not to confirm a sense of honor.
That said, though, Sonja is devoted to her family. Kanbei, while somewhat ignorant beyond the battlefield, the dojo, and the parliament, has always treated her well. Isa has been her most dedicated instructor and supporter. Even her aunts were helpful'they took up the role of mother when Isa disappeared. In this respect, at least, Sonja is very much a Yellow Comet citizen.

Combat Abilities

In stark contrast to her father, Sonja is not a particularly talented fighter. She is about on par with Colin in marksmanship, and she treats the martial arts as a meditative discipline (which is why Sturm was able to capture her so easily). Sonja often makes up for these deficiencies with her vast brainpower. As a student of tactics and strategy, she can often see an attack coming and tries not to be where the blow or bullet hits.
Tactics and strategy are, of course, Sonja's field of expertise. She shines particularly when she has time to plan. Her CO Powers enable her to survey the battlefield even in the deepest fog of war. She then integrates what she sees into her commands. The resulting strategies are intricate, solid, and almost impossible for opponents to analyze. Thanks to the logistics training she got in the Academy, Sonja can maneuver her forces into patterns that hide their strength. Opponents who thought they were attacking a lone infantry grunt are often surprised when his or her nine squadmates hop out of their hiding places. The training Isa recently gave Sonja in terrain operations has only increased her opportunities to surprise her opponents.


Sonja reciprocates the love Kanbei has for her. Not only is it expected of her as a native of Yellow Comet, she feels that her father is perfectly deserving of her respect. He might be out of touch with technology and inflexible at times. Still, Sonja knows that Kanbei would do just about anything for her. She is even fine with his desire to see her on the throne. Unlike Kanbei, though, she is putting love second in searching for her consort. Sonja would like her husband to handle all matters political. This will free her time for technological and military research. Any marriage she forms will be to her benefit'a likely source of consternation for Kanbei.
She also has a strong relationship with 'Sensei' Yamamoto. By the time Sonja was born, both of her grandfathers and grandmothers had died. She never really had any elders in the family. Therefore, Sensei serves as a wise grandfather to her. Sonja spends about as much time listening to his war stories as much as she does with her father. She has great respect for the venerable commander. In contrast, Grimm entertains her. Sonja often enjoys hiding near his training grounds and watching what she considers mildly controlled chaos.
Sami and Sonja's rivalry is legendary in the International Military Academy. Although each of them specialized in a different area of military operations, they were both relentless perfectionists. Their school career was marked by constant competition. This competition has bled into the "real world" of military service. Still, the two of them work remarkably well together. While Sonja often wishes Sami would be more thoughtful, she recognizes that Sami's direct approach has its place.
Sonja's relationship with Lash is, unsurprisingly, fraught with tension. She wanted her dead for the first few weeks of the second Omega Land campaign. When they had to fight a clone of Kanbei, though, Lash kept Sonja calm and focused. Eventually, through rather heated discussions, Sonja came to realize that her Black Hole peer was as much a victim of Zeffenian society as her mother. Lash did what she did only because she had no other way to advance. The princess still couldn't forgive Lash. Still, Sonja now appreciates Lash's vast brainpower. She occasionally journeys to Orange Star to interrogate her on Black Hole technology.

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