Wars World Survey: Sasha Argenti - By Abalux

Age: 21
Height: 5'6"/1.68 m
Weight: 125 lb/57 kg
Birthplace: Damara, Blue Moon
Relatives of Note: Sasha's only living relative is her baby brother Colin, 16 (a fellow CO in the Blue Moon army).
Languages Known: Blue Moon Russian and Orange Star English; the standard Blue Moon military academy curriculum is strongly balanced toward handling Orange Star. (Identical to Colin; they attended the same Military Academy)


Sasha's family background and childhood are, of course, nearly identical to Colin's. The main difference is that Sasha remembers what their mother Sabrina was like. Sasha has many fond memories of her mother playing the piano and helping her dress her numerous dolls. When her mother died delivering Colin, Sasha's resentment of her new baby brother was understandable.
When Sasha watched her baby brother struggle, though, love replaced her anger. Little Colin was determined to pull through. Sasha's natural compassion soon reemerged. By the time he came back to Damara, Sasha was already helping the servants prepare his nursery. She essentially became his mother. As a result, she grew up fast.
Sasha knew that, to advance in Blue Moon society, her little brother would need to strengthen himself. She also knew that their father wasn't around that often (which galled her). Therefore, Sasha hired physical trainers for Colin and supervised their instruction. Colin's currently passable health comes from this early training. His financial skills also come from Sasha's intervention. She requested that the family accountant, Mr. Guba, teach them finance and investment strategies. The three practically became family.
A few years later, that relationship became vital. Sasha was fifteen and had just welcomed Colin to the military academy their father attended as a youth. After a few weeks, she learned their father had died in a traffic accident. Both Sasha and Colin were in mourning. Sasha realized she could not take care of Colin alone. She called Mr. Guba and asked him to be their guardian. He accepted. After all, he was practically their father. Thanks to his help, Sasha was able to cope and be a good role model for Colin.
She was certainly formidable at school. Not only was Sasha an excellent student, she was a talented commander (the Fog of War scenario was the only MAPS test she didn't ace) and an able soldier. She lacked Colin's problems with shooting people. Although compassionate, Sasha was, and is, still willing to kill in defense. Defense, it turned out, was the key word. She secretly objected to her nation's military expansionism. Even after her CO Power erupted'ironically, when engaging Colin in military exercises'Sasha insisted on entering the civilian sector after graduation. Her instructors considered her decision a waste of good talent. They let her leave only because of her family's connections.
Sasha's place in the civilian sector was guaranteed: she became the CEO of Argenti Outfitters on her eighteenth birthday. Mr. Guba's financial training served her well. The company profited throughout the first war with Black Hole and the Macro Land conflict. When Sasha heard that her brother had disappeared, though, she put business on hold and headed back to the academy. Questioning revealed that Colin had run away to join the military. Sasha was furious! She immediately took the family jet to Smolensk and demanded a meeting with Olaf. Since Argenti Outfitters provided ninety percent of his military's supplies, he had no choice but to accept. The meeting was intense. Sasha threatened to withdraw her support if Colin stayed in Smolensk. Then Colin came running in. He told Sasha that he liked working with Olaf and Grit. Nearly in tears, he begged her not to make him go home. Sasha's compassion kicked in again. She could see only one compromise. With considerable reluctance, she donned the long blue coat worn by female Blue Moon cadets and asked to join the army.
Sasha is now Colin's equal, running the family company from a distance. Fighting in the Omega Land conflict has convinced her that her nation does need her services. She wants to turn them in a different direction, though. Sasha has been subtly turning her company's output toward items soldiers and civilians can use. Believing that the Blue Moon government's restrictiveness will eventually hamper economic performance, she wishes to turn her nation away toward military expansionism. Sasha sees prosperity as the true social mover. When Black Hole is dispatched, she plans to use her newfound military connections to promote this goal. Success might mean that she will only need to use her powers in defense. That would make Sasha truly happy.


Sasha has a combination of personal characteristics uncommon in anyone, much less a military commander: compassion and conviction. Both of them sustained her through mourning her parents' deaths. They have also made her the great commander she is today. Although Sasha doesn't realize it, many Blue Moon soldiers consider her the force's most sensible commander. Olaf is arrogant, Grit can be sarcastic at times, and Colin is, honestly, naive. Sasha, however, demands and provides the perfect amount of respect and has the training to care properly for her troops. Colin certainly recognizes this (in his view, Sasha is equal to Olaf).
All of this belies a key point: Sasha didn't really have that much of a childhood. She served as Colin's mother and, after their father died, shared his role with Mr. Guba. Her soldiers sometimes sense sadness in her voice. They don't comment on this; after all, many citizens of Blue Moon live in the countryside, where children work nearly from the time they can walk. Of course, their parents are still alive. Many of them take her serious and somewhat melancholy moods as proof that money does not buy happiness. They think this is why she protects Colin so fiercely. If he dies, Sasha will lose something she cannot repair or replace.

Combat Abilities

Sasha has retained a good amount of her academy marksmanship and physical fitness training. Like Colin, she usually carries a pistol. Hers is a heavier model. Suited for taking out armored opponents, it has never been fired. Sasha would do so only in a dire situation. She has hired bodyguards watching her at all times.
Sasha's CO Powers have an interesting origin. For as long as she remembers, she has possessed "second sight." This ability once saved toddler Colin from a tumble down a flight of stairs and clued the Allied Nations in on the terrible compound oozium-238. It also fuels her CO Powers. Sasha often gets "feelings" on how close enemy commanders are to using their powers. After all her military training, she has learned to shift the situation on the battlefield and demoralize her opponent. Commanders who have been on the wrong side her "Market Crash" never forget that terrible feeling - although Hawke, even in Allied Nations custody, would never talk about it.
Her Super Power uses the same principles. Sasha "feels" the opposing units' weakest points. Passing this knowledge to any units in the area, she directs them to take out targets with minimal damage. The soldiers proceed to sell opponents' gathered gear and vehicles as scrap. (Enemy soldiers get captured - even the worst Black Hole soldiers. Sasha does not tolerate brutality in her forces.)


Sasha's relationship with her baby brother is similar to a mother-son relationship. As Colin's older sister and guardian, she feels a need to protect him. She also views herself as his stern role model. Sasha does go to parties and concerts. It's just that Colin doesn't know about it; it would be detrimental to his developing discipline.
Olaf is a trickier situation. Before Black Hole attacked Wars World, Sasha was not pleased with his expedient politics; embargos and sanctions from the Allied Nations can really hurt a business' bottom line. Now she finds herself under his military command. So far, Sasha has kept her concerns quiet. She is good at this. Olaf has, however, taken interest in Argenti Outfitters' shifting production strategy. Although Sasha respects his authority, she isn't sure how long she can tolerate Olaf the person.
In contrast, Grit is a much easier case. Sasha was rather unsurprised to discover that he also favored increased freedom in Blue Moon. He has been her unlikely ally as she plans for their nation's future. Often spending hours together planning, Sasha and Grit have formed a friendship that transcends their different social classes.
Sasha likes Rachel and Jake best out of all the foreign commanders. Not only did the two of them guide the Omega Land defenders to victory, they also overlooked Sasha's national origins. She often receives strange looks when she travels in Orange Star. The nation's citizens aren't used to seeing Blue Moon travelers, and Sasha appreciated their openness. She also liked Jake for his personal bravery. Currently, she's planning a trip to his hometown, Promise Hill. She will be the first Blue Moon citizen to visit.

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