Wars World Survey: Sami Nishimura - By Abalux

Age: 29
Height: 5'8"/1.73 m
Weight: 140 lb/64 kg
Birthplace: San Domines, Orange Star
Relatives of Note: Father Toshiro, 57 (shipping agent); mother Beth, 50 (housewife).


Sami is one of many biracial citizens of San Domines. Her father, a native of Yellow Comet, met her mother while on a business trip. When his nation closed its borders, Toshiro Nishimura decided to marry the love of his life and pursue Orange Star citizenship. The couple soon had Sami. Sami proved to be her parents' pride and joy. With a talent for soccer and strong-willed personality, she spent most of her school years in the popular circle. With her athletic abilities and strong participation in other extracurricular activities, Sami could have gotten a soccer scholarship at any university.
Instead, Sami felt drawn toward the military. She couldn't explain it. What she knew was that she wanted to attend the International Military Academy. Since she hadn't done any military extracurricular activities, though, Sami couldn't get a scholarship. That was no obstacle. Sami simply worked after she left high school and saved her money. She entered the Academy at the age of 22. In her class were such people as Nell, Grit, Max... and Sonja Kanbei, the precocious crown princess of Yellow Comet. Sonja annoyed Sami (even at the Academy, the princess' nose never left the books). That Sonja already had a potent intel-gathering CO Power only made the matter worse. The two became rivals: adaptability and bravery vs. planning and trickery. It really made Sami study. At graduation, she was third only to Sonja and Nell.
Sami entered the Army soon after graduation. She proved to be one of its up-and-coming non-powered officers. Then, during a training exercise, her CO Power unleashed, greatly speeding up her troops. Sami's new ability made her a shoo-in for command of Orange Star's Special Forces. She has done very well in the position for someone with such a short career.


Sami is an extraordinarily disciplined young lady. She holds her subordinates and colleagues to high standards and herself to even higher standards. A dedicated perfectionist, Sami sometimes lets that tendency stall her. She usually forces herself out of it (she had to when she was opposing Sonja at the Academy).
Sami is also surprisingly enthusiastic and energetic for someone her age. These characteristics, combined with her youthful appearance, cause people to think she is a contemporary of Andy, Jake, and Sonja. It isn't the case. Sami gets greatly annoyed when people treat her like a kid (i.e. carding her when she's buying drinks for parties).

Combat Abilities

As a Special Forces commander, Sami is a masterful, hardened combatant. She is the best machine gun and rocket launcher shot among Orange Star's COs. She augments her firearms talent with black belt knowledge in aikido and jujitsu. This is a good thing. Sami believes, even more than Max, that a battle-trained CO's place is in the field. She is often in the front lines. Since Sami hasn't been injured once, everyone thinks she's lucky as Nell.
Sami's CO Powers also count as combat abilities. They work by making her infantry and mechs move more quickly. This is how she can secure properties so quickly. Often, the enemy occupants have no time to react!


Sami is friendly with all her colleagues (no matter how much they frustrate her), but Nell has a special place. She was Sami's role model and mentor throughout school. Even now, as a fellow CO, Sami feels she owes Nell a considerable debt.
Concerning Sonja, Sami still has a tense relationship with her. She now understands that fighting Black Hole takes all kinds of people. Still, Sonja's bookishness bothers Sami. Their rivalry is passionate and quite public.
Of course, Sami's most passionate relationship is deeply under wraps. Sami does not want to compromise "Eagle's" identity. She doesn't even ask about it (she thinks he's just an unusually confident and well-bred airman). Were she to discover that "Eagle" is a Direnholmian noble, the surprise would shock her.

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