Wars World Survey: Rachel Chernekov - By Abalux

Age: 22
Height: 5'6"/1.68 m
Weight: 135 lb/61 kg
Birthplace: Rallast, Orange Star
Relatives of Note: Mother Edith, 53 (teacher); father Olaf, 51 (as for Nell ); older sister Nell, 30 (supreme commander-in-chief, Orange Star Army)
Languages Known: Orange Star English, Blue Moon Russian, Direnholmian German.


When Rachel was born, the first person to hold her was her mother. Then, her big sister Nell picked her up and held her tight. Such actions would become characteristic of Rachel and Nell's relationship. The two sisters were inseparable throughout childhood. They constantly followed their father Olaf around the military base in Rallast. Doing this, both sisters picked up a lot on military affairs. Rachel was the one who retained maintenance and repair procedures easily. She worked hard through school to get into the International Military Academy. Rachel worked so hard, in fact, that she skipped six grades. When Nell went to the Academy, Rachel accompanied her.
At the Academy, Rachel excelled in the technical classes. She was particularly good at logistics and mechanics courses (like many of her peers, Rachel first used her powers at the Academy). Her workaholic tendencies, due to her not being as lucky as her older sister, and her great energy did cause some problems with dorm mates. Still, Rachel was a rather popular and well-liked student. This was especially true after finals. After most of them, Rachel was tied with Sonja for second place. She equaled Sami in most of the physical training courses.
After graduation, Rachel followed Nell to New Washington. The capital of Orange Star needed someone with her technical skills. In this capacity, Rachel served under Olaf as a young support CO (she was only sixteen at the time). She was soon promoted when she turned seventeen. So far, she was enjoying military life.
Then Olaf betrayed Orange Star. His actions devastated Rachel, who had honored and almost idolized her father. She now felt rather uncomfortable in the capital. After all, she was the daughter of a traitor. Nell tried to reassure Rachel. Nothing really seemed to work. Although she worked harder than before (and earned the resulting promotions), Rachel was obviously depressed.
The disappearance of Omega Land's commander-in-chief was Rachel's opportunity to escape. In fact, Nell, knowing a change of scenery would be good for Rachel, arranged for her little sister to take his place. Rachel greatly appreciated it. She appreciated it even more when she arrived in Omega Land. Now she was in charge of young soldiers who were nearly as enthusiastic and energetic as her. One young infantryman, named Jake, especially intrigued Rachel: she saw command potential in him. She began teaching him advanced tactical skills. During one of his MAPS training sessions, Jake filled the room with light. Rachel knew what this meant. She immediately promoted him to assistant CO status.
Rachel's decision was a wise one because Black Hole began draining Macro Land soon afterwards. Fortunately, the young commander had secret access to a powerful weapon: the Cosmo Land missile arrays. These were a valuable aid as she drove the Black Hole army to its desert headquarters. When she and her colleagues questioned Hawke and Lash, Rachel was the head interrogator (with help from Jake due to his parents' studies of Steinhalt). She displayed considerable ingenuity and determination throughout the war. Rachel's success has made her someone to watch among the Orange Star high command.


Much like her older sister, Rachel is confident and optimistic. Her optimism does not come from luck, though. Instead, Rachel feels that way because of her determination and great energy. She is energetic enough to work long hours - occasionally, even days - without sleep. Sometimes she drives herself to exhaustion. Still, Rachel believes she has a very important job to do, so she considers the risk worth it.
Rachel also has a strong sense of duty. It was why she stayed in the military after Olaf's betrayal and why she came to Omega Land. She greatly enjoys training her fellow young people to defend herself. Nowadays, she wonders why she even wanted to leave the military.

Combat Abilities

Like most Orange Star officers, Rachel can fire a pistol. She?s kept her marksmanship up better than Nell because her luck isn?t nearly as strong. It has been enough to see Rachel through the Omega Land conflict without injury or major embarrassment.
Rachel's true power comes from secret access to the Orange Star missile arrays. When she sent her sister to Omega Land, Nell knew that Rachel would be far from most reinforcements. Therefore, Nell asked President Wilson, an old friend from finishing school, to give her little sister assistance (this was also why she sent Max to patrol the Omega Land shores. She knew that, if conflict broke out, he would immediately come to Rachel's aid). The two women finally came up with a way to give Rachel a back door to the missile launch computers. Doing this was highly illegal; they did not have approval from the Orange Star Congress to give Rachel access. All three of them would be in trouble if this were discovered. Therefore, Rachel's luck and intuition tell her when she can secretly launch the missiles. They're definitely more subtle than Nell's powers over chance, but they are just as potent.


Rachel's relationship with Nell is one built on constant companionship and trust. The two sisters regularly consult on strategy and logistics. Once, this was discussion between a mentor and a student. Now that Rachel has a military victory to her name, she feels better able to talk to Nell as an equal.
Rachel also likes Jake... a lot. Sometimes she has trouble understanding his slang, but he?s an excellent commander and a really fun companion at parties. She also admires his inner compassion. Still, Rachel wonders why he didn't kill Von Bolt. She would have: after all, his Ooziums did eat her predecessor.

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