Wars World Survey: Olaf Chernekov - By Abalux

Age: 51
Height: 5'7"/1.70 m
Weight: 250 lb/112 kg
Birthplace: Lailia, Blue Moon (currently being rebuilt)
Relatives of Note: Ex-wife Edith, 53 (teacher); daughters Nell, 30 (supreme commander-in-chief, Orange Star Army) and Rachel, 22 (interim commander-in-chief, Orange Star Army, Omega Land Division).
Languages Known: Blue Moon Russian, Orange Star English, Direnholmian German, and Yellow Comet Japanese. Olaf is especially proud of his fluency in Japanese; since Yellow Comet is right next door, it saves him the trouble of hiring a translator.


Olaf was born about a year before the Blue Moon revolt. His native village, Lailia, was one of the most pro-separatist communities in the Macro Land region. When the east finally seceded, it was one of the first communities to ally itself with the emergent Blue Moon government. This decision didn't please the Orange Star government. After all, Lailia was also one of the most fertile agricultural regions in Macro Land. Skirmishes almost immediately broke out, lasting for five years. The Lailians fought as hard as they could. In the end, one small village could not hold out against Wars World's foremost power, and it returned to Orange Star control. Olaf doesn't remember much from this period other than constant deprivation and the sound of gunfire.
Olaf's later childhood was much, much happier. Lailia was one of the coldest villages in the Macro Land region. As a result, it got a lot of snow. Olaf quickly got used to it. Of all the children in his village, he was the best snowball fighter, sledder, and ice skater. No one thought anything of it until a sunny day at the height of summer. Without warning, it began to snow. It was especially strong around the Chernekov farmstead. When the curious villagers traveled there, they found ten-year old Olaf building a snowman. He had discovered his CO Power just by experimenting with it.
Lailia was in an uproar. Its citizens had a potential CO among their population. With the resentment over what they considered an occupation fresh even after ten years, the Lailians planned to train young Olaf as a partisan CO. Olaf thought differently. Unlike many of the village's children, he had bought the Orange Star line on the Blue Moon secession. His parents had tried to beat it out of him. Still, Olaf was stubborn. When he turned fourteen he ran away from home, determined to join the Orange Star Army.
Olaf made it to New Washington through his wits and his considerable determination. The Orange Star Army was happy to accept him in the CO training program, especially after he explained his situation. Olaf soon became a star student. He displayed admirable versatility: while some of the other students were excellent with certain units, Olaf could handle them all without trouble. When he was old enough, he went to the Academy and performed as well there. Olaf's only noted flaw was a tendency toward arrogance.
When Olaf graduated, he immediately volunteered for the Cosmos War front lines. As a lieutenant commanding ground units, he was the hero of several Direnholmian and Rostanian battles. He even helped free the Ring from Steinhalt's control. It was also during this period that Olaf met his wife Edith, a native of the Sixty Demes of Avalon (the only Green Earth nation that held back Steinhalt). They conceived their eldest daughter, Nell, and stayed together through considerable separation and danger.
After the war ended, Olaf went to peacetime service in the eastern city of Rallast. Edith gave him another daughter, Rachel, who he loved as much as her sister (Olaf did wish he had sons). They followed him everywhere as he handled work at the military base. It was at this time that Olaf began noticing problems. His western superiors looked down their noses at him. Even worse, his western equals treated him as an inferior. Olaf was getting his first tastes of discrimination. He didn't like them.
Still, no one could deny Olaf's skill as a commander. After twenty years, he reached a position no eastern soldier had: supreme commander-in-chief of the Orange Star Army. It made all the years of discrimination worth it. Olaf soon settled into New Washington life. He had daughters as skilled as he was at command and respect. All indications showed that his command would be excellent.
Then, one night, Olaf found an unusual document in the headquarters. Assuming that it was a briefing for him, he took it to his office and began reading. That act permanently changed his life. The document consisted of deployment orders that he had not approved. A unit of Orange Star covert operatives was to attack a small eastern village and claim that Blue Moon had done it. The village's name was Lailia. Olaf was stunned. Orange Star had it in for the easterners. It had no sense of honor.
His parents and fellow villagers had been right the whole damned time.
It's a credit to Olaf's command ability that he didn't sit stunned at his desk. When he recovered from his shock, he made phone calls to his most trusted subordinates. They were moving out to Lailia. He left Nell out; after all, she had swallowed the propaganda as much as he had. When his officers arrived at the assigned meeting place, Olaf left New Washington with them. His force comprised ten percent of the Orange Star Army.
Olaf knew the danger he was putting himself in. Were his former army to discover him, he would likely be shot on sight. This is why did not accompany his soldiers into Lailia to raise the Blue Moon flag over the village. He instead continued to Smolensk, the capital of Blue Moon. Olaf knew that he needed to meet with the ruling shadow junta and make a protection deal. The deal went far better than he expected. Conceding to Olaf's gift of improved military technology and his powers over Blue Moon's archetypal weather, the junta declared Olaf its leader. He was now ruler and supreme military commander of Wars World's most populous nation.
In Lailia, Olaf transformed from an embarrassment to a hero. They drove off the Orange Star operatives with his soldiers' help. Olaf then declared war on Orange Star. Much to his frustration, he discovered Nell had succeeded him. The conflict became a stalemate: his numbers and snowstorms versus her luck. Only the discovery of Black Hole put a hold on it . . . and, embarrassingly, Olaf discovered that the alien force was driving him to fight with Orange Star. He thought he had driven Black Hole out in the first conflict. During the Macro Land war, however, Olaf discovered that not even his beloved Lailia was safe; Lash and her troops destroyed the village and built their regional base on its town square. He is now helping rebuild Lailia and nursing a grudge against the young Black Hole scientist.


Olaf is a lot like the snowstorms he summons: blustery and overpowering. His approach to many situations is to use as much physical or social force as possible. The most notorious example of this was filmed by Orange Star spies in Smolensk. One night, they had a video camera watching the Blue Moon parliament building. Someone opened a window on the third story. Then, much to the surprise of the spies, they saw Blue Moon's prime minister, Alexei Vaisya, appear - being dangled out of the window by a large, mittened hand. The hand didn't pull him back in to safety until he promised to 'be good.' When the spies sent the tape to Orange Star, it certainly didn't help Olaf's image.
That said, however, Olaf is also a firm Blue Moon patriot. Everything he does'everything'is for his nation's benefit. He never deliberately commits immoral or unethical acts. If an action benefits Blue Moon, though, Olaf will do it, morality be damned. Many of the nation's diplomatic difficulties arise from such actions' consequences.

Combat Abilities

Olaf might be the most tactically savvy CO on Wars World. Despite possessing technology inferior to Orange Star's, he has managed to keep his homeland free with excellent partisan and guerilla strategies (which, ironically, he learned while fighting against his juntamates). Many of his junior officers routinely seek his advice.
As for Olaf's personal combat abilities, those are more developed than some of his colleagues'. Olaf cannot use his CO Powers in personal combat. Because of this, he constantly trains in marksmanship and wrestling. Olaf is also strong'not quite at Max or Flak's level, but stronger than most people. His love for fine food shows, though.


When Olaf said that Blue Moon was his family, he wasn't kidding: his wife divorced him soon after he betrayed Orange Star and Nell and Rachel are still very distant from him. He has a close relationship with all three of his subordinate COs. (That only Colin is completely content with this relationship is beside the point.)
Olaf first met Grit during one of the skirmishes with Orange Star. While approaching a large cattle ranch in the nation's southeast, one of his tank companies ran into an artillery ambush, forcing a retreat. Olaf found out that the artillerists worked for Grit, who was protecting his childhood home. This defeat was so embarrassing that he hired the sharpshooter and his mercenary company to keep it quiet. Although Olaf wonders if hiring someone who needs three naps a day was a good idea, he can't deny Grit's talent.
Colin showed up in Smolensk one day, soon after the Macro Land conflict began. He had sneaked out of his military academy to help with the war effort. Olaf's memory of running away as a child kicked in. Impressed by the boy's determination and patriotism, he allowed Colin onto his command staff. He performed admirably in the war. Since he was heir to the largest military supply company in Blue Moon, Olaf also appreciated his financial acumen. The two are now best friends. This is mainly because Colin pays what Olaf considers proper respect to his superior (Olaf).
Sasha, much like her brother, appeared in Smolensk'but after the Macro Land conflict. Unhappy that Colin had run away and fought (sometimes without Olaf and Grit protecting him), and that her government had not told her where he was, she threatened to withdraw their company's military support. Olaf could not let this happen. At the same time, he couldn't give up Colin: the boy was a model subordinate. He made a deal with Sasha. Since she was a military academy graduate, she joined the Blue Moon command staff to watch over her baby brother. Sasha has surprised Olaf with her blend of compassion and backbone.
Outside Blue Moon, Olaf has a rather uneasy alliance with Kanbei. It's uneasy because of a tactic Olaf used while fighting Orange Star. When its troops were chasing his forces, he directed them into Yellow Comet territory, knowing its emperor would overreact and distract Orange Star. Olaf reasoned that it would not be good for his nation if he got captured. His gamble worked. Kanbei was not happy about the deception, though.

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