Wars World Survey: Nell Chernekov - By Abalux

Age: 30
Height: 5'9"/1.75 m
Weight: 145 lb/65 kg
Birthplace: Rallast, Orange Star
Relatives of Note: Mother Edith, 53 (teacher); father Olaf, 51 (guess ;)); younger sister Rachel, 22 (interim commander-in-chief, Orange Star Army, Omega Land division)
Languages Known: Orange Star English


Nell was lucky even in birth: her mother delivered her quickly and almost painlessly, and everyone in the delivery room commented on how beautiful she was. She grew up in the northeastern city of Rallast. It was the site of a major Orange Star military base, and her father, Olaf, was stationed at it. Nell and her baby sister Rachel grew up following him around, observing their father's sure and steady rise. Both of them knew they wanted to follow in Olaf's footsteps. They worked hard in school. The effort was worth it: both sisters' luck earned them places in the International Military Academy. Nell, being much older, was the first to go.
Nell greatly enjoyed her time at the Academy. Through a combination of hard work and luck, she always placed in the top three during finals week (the precocious Sonja gave her an excellent challenge. Sonja didn't have fortune backing her, though). When class was over, Nell had friends, Grit and Max, whose differences always kept her on her toes. She liked both men. Deciding who to date was the hard part. While Max was certainly more reliable and disciplined, Grit's level-headedness and wit were intriguing. Nell still hadn't decided when the three of them graduated.
Upon graduation, Nell got assigned to army headquarters in New Washington. Olaf was there as well. The two worked harmoniously at first. Nell soon became one of her father's subordinates. Then, one morning, she heard Orange Star's federal police at her door. Olaf had fled the capital without warning and with a tenth of the nation's armed forces. Nell's luck saved her from severe questioning and investigation. She even got assigned to Olaf's former position as commander-in-chief. Still, being betrayed by her father was devastating.
Nell managed, thanks to her luck, to fight off Olaf's massive forces until the first war with Black Hole. She spearheaded efforts to ally Wars World's nations afterwards. Throughout the Macro Land conflict, she coordinated the allied forces' tactics, and it was her idea to assign Rachel to Omega Land. Nell is now beginning to rebuild her relationship with her father. She still hasn't forgiven Olaf for what he did, but she knows he's too good a commander to alienate.


Except for Olaf's betrayal and the current wars, Nell has led a charmed life. This shows in her personality. While she maintains a realistic view of her abilities and command, Nell is also fairly optimistic and confident. She took on teaching Andy with a smile (Nell thought he wouldn't be too difficult to train, and that she could improve his short attention span. Well, she was right about the training...). Her term of command has been one of the most successful in the Orange Star military's history.
Nell's romantic life is another matter. As someone who has just hit thirty, she believes it's time to marry and have children. She still hasn't decided who she wants to marry! Max would be the safer, if less interesting, choice. Despite the fact that Grit runs a mercenary company and works for Blue Moon, though, Nell is quite attracted to him. She knows the scandal revealing her opinion would cause. For now, Nell is just trying to do her job.

Combat Abilities

Nell hasn't fired a gun in years. Her position as Orange Star commander-in-chief means she rarely finds herself on the front lines. Besides, Nell doesn't need guns. Her luck is in and of itself a potent weapon.
A story will illustrate this point. During the Macro Land conflict, Nell traveled to Green Earth to improve its soldiers' morale. A Black Hole covert operative managed to infiltrate her bodyguards (he was from Earth itself and could blend in). He pointed a pistol toward Nell, at point blank range, and fired. The bullet missed. Not only did it miss, it bounced off a nearby APC and hit the operative, killing him. Nell does not kid when she says she was born under a lucky star.
Nell's luck also improves the performance of soldiers near her. It's as if her good fortune is contagious. Many Orange Star scientists believe her CO Powers merely extend the range of her luck's "infection."


Nell considers herself a mentor to her junior COs, and doesn't grant Rachel any special status or slack. All of them respect her. Max occasionally butts heads with Nell over strategy (he thinks he can handle just about anything), but their arguments are civil and even friendly.
Olaf and Grit are more complex matters. Olaf's betrayal hurt Nell so badly that she still won't call him her father. She admits his skill as a commander and a leader. She just wishes he would be more humble and less stubborn. As for Grit, Nell's feelings toward him are described above. She often stays up nights wondering why he chose to work for Olaf.

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