Wars World Survey: Max Russell - By Abalux

Age: 32
Height: 5'10"/1.78 m
Weight: 250 lb/112 kg
Birthplace: Breslow, Orange Star
Relatives of Note: Father Kenneth, 59 (Lieutenant Colonel, Ret., Orange Star Marine Corps); mother Nadine 56 (Lieutenant, Ret., Orange Star Army); sister Lydia, 30 (Lieutenant, Orange Star Marine Corps)
Languages Known: Orange Star English


There's a saying in the Orange Star Armed Forces and Marine Corps: "It's not a unit without the Russells." A strict military family involved since the branches' founding, the Russells often sign up without even acknowledging alternative choices. Max was no exception. Born soon after the Cosmos War, he developed a physique that would have taken the bodybuilding world by storm. He had grown up listening to his parents first-hand tales of war heroism, though. Using his muscles to show off seemed wasteful. He studied just enough in school to get into Orange Star's International Military Academy.
There, Max became friends with a fellow military brat named Nell and a laconic southeastern farmboy nicknamed "Grit." He also unleashed his CO Power for the first time (during a training exercise). This pleased Max. Not only did it earn him higher standing at the Academy and praise from his parents, it allowed him to take the same classes as Nell and Grit. Studying for those classes didn't please Max. This was especially true in classes on indirect combat (which Max considered, and still considers, cheating). His feelings caused a rivalry between him and Grit to develop. It was as much over Nell as it was grades. Still, Max did well enough at the Academy to graduate.
He signed up with the Army the day after graduation. Always happy to have a Russell, it quickly appreciated Max's toughness and determination. He rose rapidly through the ranks. Before he knew it, he was commanding a division dominated by tanks.
Max proved how good he was with his division during the Macro Land conflict. When he fought Flak, he simply steamrolled the Black Hole strongman's forces. He is now just as admired as Andy.


Max is everything the Orange Star military wants in its commanding officers: brave, honorable, patriotic, and tough. He would never dream of using treachery or misdirection in combat. In fact, his problems with indirect units stem from this strong conviction: Max makes them wait until the enemy is close to fire (Nell has actually reprimanded him for doing this). Another character flaw influenced by his honor is his temper. Whenever someone-anyone-insults Max, he immediately tries to prove them wrong. Max has often gotten in over his head because of this.
Max's troops are about as tough as he is: only Sami's can equal them. They know he wouldn't give them orders displeasing to him. As a result, they obey Max without question. They become especially gung-ho when he activates his powers. Perhaps this is because they can break through anything under their influence.

Combat Abilities

Max strongly believes that he should command from the front. Not only is it good for division morale, it also keeps him alert and aware. This philosophy results in a lot of weightlifting and jogging (Max would never use steroids. They're a cheat. Besides, he got more exercise in his youth than most people get in their lifetimes). It also drives Max to continually work on his marksmanship and several "hard" (strike-oriented) martial arts styles. He usually carries an OSA-48 (the standard infantry submachine gun) in the field.


Max really likes Andy. Although he can be annoying, he's got guts and enthusiasm, and Max admires that. He also appreciates Andy's lightning-fast repair capabilities (as you might expect, Max's units take a lot of damage). Currently he's trying to teach Andy a bit more discipline. If Max can do this, he believes he'll have a capable partner.
Max also has strong ties to Grit. Make no mistake: their rivalry deeply colors their friendship, and Max would like to know why he's working for Blue Moon. Still, they go back a long way. Max would never leave Grit in the lurch.

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