Wars World Survey: Jugger (JG-3R) - By Abalux

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Age: 14 months
Height: 5'0"/1.52 m
Weight: 625 lb/284 kg
Place of Manufacture: Nanite-Certified MSC Factory #2, Gelmond Crater Complex, Zeffen
Languages Known: Whatever languages the person commanding it desires. Kindle currently has Jugger's language software set to Terran Standard and the dominant languages of the Allied Nations forces.
Relatives of Note: The JG generation contains ninety-eight other active units; Jugger could communicate with them if it had access to interstellar communications.


JG-3R's "birth", as well as those of the other MSCs (Mobile Supercomputers) in its generation, was highly unusual for a Zeffenian robot. Instead of being manually built by other industrial robots, the JG generation was the first to be constructed using only the emerging nanofactories. The use of the new technology resulted in the brightest and quickest CPUs seen yet in Zeffenian military robotics.
Unlike its (more or less) human colleagues, JG-3R did not require conventional training to enter military service. All it needed to know came from a combination of Zeffen's finest military databases and the intensive AI training performed by military programmers. This training included loyalty to the Terran government. Even for a sentient MSC, though, JG-3R had unusual dedication to its makers. It even dispatched JG-17R when a breakdown in its AI caused it to attack the security personnel guarding the factory's storage facility. The Zeffenian high military command realized that it had a most unusual device on its hands. With its great loyalty, JG-3R was on top of the list when it came time to assign a MSC to the Black Hole regiment. Sturm approved the choice. After being programmed with all it needed to know about Black Hole, JG-3R entered a shipment container going to the Wars World orbital base and deactivated.
The first Black Hole operative to encounter JG-3R was, of course, Lash. The MSC's arrival was to her what Christmas presents would be to a contemporary child. Overjoyed to receive such a cutting edge device, Lash did what came naturally to her. She began tinkering with it. Her first improvement was increasing the range of JG-3R's sensors, and she soon increased the retraction speed of its limbs. These modifications didn't satisfy Lash, though; she wanted to give Black Hole's JG model a truly unique feature. It was at this time that Lash got the idea to give it CO Powers. Even after getting the necessary data from experimenting with Flak, she had difficulty emulating the powers through digital means. Fortunately, Lash was an excellent computer programmer as well as a masterful technician. After several failed attempts, she finally figured out how to integrate the brain wave data into JG-3R's CPU.
Lash nicknamed the improved MSC "Jugger" because it could roll around and pummel soldiers like the ancient juggernaut. She also thought it needed a cool nickname. Then she authorized herself and Sturm as Jugger's primary commanders. Throughout the Macro Land conflict, Jugger served as Lash's bodyguard, assistant, and playmate. It thought Lash was a bit hyper, but, being the most loyal robot of its generation, it did not question her motives. Jugger simply went along for the ride, learning engineering and weapons design from its young mistress.
That routine changed when the Bolt Guard arrived. The nanoengineer and ZefTec research and development executive code-named Kindle arrived with Von Bolt. She thought Lash was wasting the potential of her new toy. Therefore, Kindle pulled rank to remove Jugger from Lash's command. Then she did something Lash would find absolutely unforgivable. Kindle already had a fanatically loyal son, Koal. The boy was still human, though, and the shrewd scientist realized that even he could potentially betray her. Thanks to its programming, Jugger would not. Kindle found a back door in the MSC's AI and switched its loyalty to her and Von Bolt. Jugger doesn't even remember having loyalty to Lash.
Jugger's technological knowledge remained, though, and Kindle found it helpful when trying to understand the cannons and lasers Lash had developed. Von Bolt was also pleased by the MSC's unique qualities. He declared it a full CO-one thing Sturm had not done-and assigned it to the attacks on Omega Land territories in Orange Star.
Despite the Bolt Guard's ultimate rout in Omega Land, Jugger's performance would be considered a success. The MSC did not falter before the opposition of the Allied Nations. Indeed, the technological knowledge Lash taught it allowed the Bolt Guard to use satellites in innovative ways. Jugger is still stuck on Wars World with its superiors. Were it to make it back to Zeffen, though, the MSC would likely receive upgrades for its work during the conflict. MSCs are, after all, too expensive to be trashed for failure.


First and foremost, Jugger is a mechanism of war, and its personality reflects its purpose. Jugger does not feel emotions such as fear and guilt. These feelings are contrary to its purpose, and Zeffenian AI programmers and trainers are sophisticated enough to train these out of MSC CPUs. It also does not feel love. Love gets in the way of making hard decisions. Loyalty, on the other hand, is a vital personality trait to the high command that creates MSCs. Finally, Jugger has been programmed to prefer terrain similar to Zeffen's, since it has to work in harsh environments. The drained Omega Land was a welcoming environment for Jugger.
Jugger is an excellent example of its generation. The addition of CO Powers did affect its AI in a most unusual way. Lash and Kindle suspect that the strain of having to emulate human brain waves has caused Jugger to act like a human on occasion. Their evidence, independently gathered by each, consists of many small events. These include attempts to drink and eat, the adoption of "sleep" cycles, unusual conversational wit, and, in one humorous incident, the impromptu raiding of an Orange Star territorial "big and tall" store for slacks, dress shoes, a necktie, and a plaid jacket. Jugger apologized after the latter. (It also created a bank account in the same community. The Orange Star government is carefully observing its small amount of money for withdrawals.) Still, it is a fairly obvious eccentricity, and authorities in Zeffen might want to remove it from Jugger's programming.

Combat Abilities

Even before Lash got the idea to give it CO Powers, Jugger was a formidable opponent. Its onboard weaponry includes a machine gun, an electrolaser, and razor-sharp titanium claws on each hand. The claws can easily penetrate a recon. In addition, Jugger's alloy casing is tough enough to withstand even light armor assaults. Perhaps the most intimidating part of Jugger's arsenal is its ability to retract its extendable limbs into its body and roll at high speeds. It can reach about 20 mph while in this mode. When faced with such an attack, soldiers who do not evade it painfully, and sometimes fatally, learn what it is like to be a bowling pin. One of Jugger's rolling assaults decimated an Orange Star territorial squad, leaving only one terrified soldier for the Omega Land CO Jake Murdoch to rescue. Even this soldier had two broken legs.
The computer programs that grant Jugger its CO powers, while arguably the most advanced software in existence, are not perfect. Jugger runs the most advanced operating system available to the Terran military. Its power programs, named Overclock and System Crash by Lash, tax its OS to its limits. Jugger usually monitors its forces through their mandatory cybernetic implants and its wireless communication system. It uses this method to maintain awareness of its subordinates' conditions and control its vehicular drone cousins (such as neotanks). The activation of its CO Powers requires diverting processing and memory. Jugger can monitor and guide only so many soldiers and drones at a time when using them. It has to decide which units remain in communication with it. The lucky chosen experience a notable increase in their abilities. Of the rest, some are able to handle going out of communication. Other units, confused by Jugger's sudden silence, attack less efficiently. This drawback's effects are identical to that of Flak's powers. The cause, however, is quite different.


As Kindle's takeover of Jugger shows, its relationships can be quite malleable. It can be loyal to whoever the owner wants it to be. While that owner is currently Kindle, Jugger does have some affection toward Koal.
Kindle is Jugger's lady and mistress. Since she programmed it to be loyal to her, it serves her without question. Jugger is almost always at her side. Though it is never as close as Koal, it doesn't mind the distance. Its favored way of serving her is maintaining her safety at all times. This is a task it does well. Once, when Kindle got caught in the middle of a nasty firefight, Jugger leaped in front of her, deflecting the Allied Nations' bullets. It bears the resulting bullet dents with something resembling pride.
Jugger is also as protective of Koal, but for a different reason. Kindle designated Koal as Jugger's equal when reprogramming it. Therefore, the MSC regards the eccentric young man as a valued colleague. Jugger and Koal support each other as "Kindle's men." They even train together. Jugger is improving Koal's skill with small arms. Koal, meanwhile, is teaching Jugger some of the martial arts of Terra's old China.

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