Wars World Survey: Javier De Ricando (Javier II), King of Viccario - By Abalux

Age: 55
Height: 6'3"/1.90 m
Weight: 165 lb/75 kg
Birthplace: Plata del Rio, Viccario
Languages Known: Viccariano, Direnholmian German, Latin, and Rostanian French. These are the languages most useful to Viccario's king. Javier also speaks enough Avalonian English to get by. He is still learning, though; complex idioms are still a bit beyond him.
Relatives of Note: Son and Crown Prince Martel, 28 and daughter Princess Jasmina, 24. For the time being, Javier is a widower.


Of his colleagues, Javier is the only one who remembers what life was like before the Cosmos War. He was born into Viccario's royal house of de Ricando. As his parents' only son, Javier was all but guaranteed to inherit the throne. He spent his childhood learning dancing, etiquette, and horseback riding, the traditional pastimes of nobility. He also had an interest in building things. Often, Javier spent as much time playing with Legos as he did at parties and other high society gatherings. His childhood was idyllic even for a noble.
As he got older, Javier became interested in the old European concepts of chivalry and nobility. This point was when he began showing the first signs of eccentricity. Chivalry was more than an interest. For Javier, it became a way of life. He even took up rapier fencing to better emulate the nobles of yore. His parents interpreted their son's obsession as a passing fancy and thought nothing of it.
That changed when Steinhalt began conquering the Green Earth heartland. Despite Viccario's distance from Macro Land, its people were worried. Direnholm was, after all, one of the nation's trading rivals. This concern blossomed into fear when the Direnholmian navy began moving west toward Omega Land. Perhaps the most fearful Viccariano was Javier I, Javier's father. He was never particularly brave or loyal to the royal family; in fact, his infidelity was legendary among Wars World's nobles. Javier I didn't want to be in his nation when it got conquered. Therefore, he suggested that the family flee to Viccario's sister nation of Yellow Comet. Sixteen-year old Javier would have no part in it. He argued with his father. There was no changing Javier I's mind, however, and he left Viccario scant days before Direnholmian troops landed on its shores. The abdicating king thought his wife and son were with him.
Unbeknownst to him, however, the young prince Javier and his mother left the fleeing court at a checkpoint. They returned to the capital of Plata del Rio. There, Javier was crowned Javier II and busied himself increasing his nation's defenses. It was a wise choice for a sixteen-year old. Only a few days later, the Direnholmians arrived. Javier did not directly command forces in the battle of Plata del Rio. The generals and COs of Viccario, however, successfully defended the capital at great cost. Steinhalt did not have the resources for another attack. Therefore, he decided not to trouble the Viccarians anymore.
After the Cosmos War, Javier successfully maintained his crown against his father. He also hosted envoys from the budding Green Earth Confederation. Their organization interested Javier. At the cost of making his monarchy parliamentary, he realized he could vastly increase Viccario's wealth and safety. He signed the Confederation Charter and began implementing the necessary reforms. It was during this time that he met and wed his wife Corrina. She soon bore him a son, Martel.
Javier's life over the next twenty-three years was as uneventful as a monarch's could be. When he wasn't attending to state business, he was hunting and practicing his fencing. He also engaged in more academic pursuits. Javier had always been interested in communications and engineering'and earned university degrees in both fields. As a result of his promotion of education, Viccario became the communications center of Wars World. It also rivaled Rostania in quality automotive vehicles. All was well. The only bad thing Javier could say about this period was that Corrina died in a boating accident. He missed his queen dearly. It looked like he was going to spend the rest of his impressive rule alone.
Then Javier had larger concerns. Word of Sturm and Black Hole hit Viccarian shores. The Viccarians weren't horribly concerned; after all, Cosmo Land was quite distant from Omega Land. That lasted until they heard the invader was an alien. Javier could not abide this. He came up with a plan. His engineering degree was not simply for show; Javier had patented several tank designs, believing the practice kept him from losing his grip on the modern world. One was for the largest tank ever seen on Wars World. Javier called it the 'tanque del dragon'. He had designed it as a theoretical exercise, but the design was eminently workable. Viccario's parliament voted on developing it. Considering the currently stressed political situation, it decided to do so. It simply changed the name to the 'megatank'.
By the time Hawke made his presence known in Macro Land, Viccario had a megatank prototype. Javier and the nation's military officers showed it to the CDF ground commander Jess Montagne. She seemed impressed. This pleased Javier, but something about the mannish Rostanian commander intrigued him. He was therefore happy when she appeared at the ball he was holding that night. It was a pity that Jess was cold toward him. Since Javier knew her history, though, he understood.
The relaxed mood shifted when there were distant explosions outside. Hawke's forces had launched a surprise attack on Plata del Rio. Javier did what he could to maintain control over the situation'and did a job impressive enough for Jess to smile. Then someone shouted 'Rockets!' A quick look at the ballroom's windows horrified Javier: there were indeed rockets flying toward the ballroom. He did the only think he thought he could. He covered his head and prepared to meet Corrina in heaven.
That didn't happen. Javier felt something warm erupt from his hands. Then he heard the rockets exploding. When he opened his eyes, he saw cordite on windows far too fragile to stop rockets and light flowing from his hands. Javier had the reasonable reaction to sudden CO Power manifestation. Despite being a chivalric monarch, he was terrified. It was only when Jess calmed him when he realized what he was.
Javier was incredibly reluctant to travel to the Ring. His son and daughter would have to stay behind, after all, and he thought he would be little better than his father if he left Viccario during war. It took the assurances of Jess and his ministers to persuade Javier to leave. When he did, it was as a hero.
Javier spent most of the Green Earth liberation conflict in training, disappointed that the war ended before he could participate. He was commissioned as the CDF's fortifications CO. Then he went home to much acclaim. There, Javier practiced MAPS strategy with his nation's generals. He also maintained correspondence with his CDF colleagues. Throughout these quiet months, he awaited a chance to test his skills. This chance occurred when the Rio del Sol dried into dust. Since the river provided most of Viccario's water, and its source had also evaporated, Javier called for a CDF investigation. Seeing Jess arrive greatly pleased him. He and she rendezvoused with other Allied Nations soldiers, field tested the megatank, and eventually defeated Von Bolt. Javier's only real problem was that Jess made him speak English throughout the conflict (her words: 'I don't think Drake can hold much more laughter!') He believes, however, that participating in the Omega Conflict has greatly improved his command abilities.
Javier now looks toward Yellow Comet with anticipation. He has proven himself Kanbei's equal in warfare. Now, the king of Viccario has sent a challenge: he would like to test his newfound skills against those of his sister nation's emperor. He waits at his MAPS console for Kanbei's reply...


Javier is an unusual blend of old Earth chivalry and contemporary techno-savvy. He does, after all, rule a nation that blends tradition and modernity. In his civilian life, though, Javier emphasizes chivalry. He treats all women well, behaves honorably, and attends church regularly. Some people find it charming. Others, particularly his more politically oriented ministers, find it annoying. Regardless, Javier's adherence to chivalry has made him so famed that the CDF doesn't even try to hide his identity. Even a situation like Eagle's would be unfeasible.
Behind the chivalry, though, Javier is a talented engineer. (Becoming a figurehead monarch has allowed him time for further education.) He keeps up with technical literature and even publishes occasionally. His particular specialties are electronic communication and mechanical engineering. Often Javier spends evenings examining Viccario's communications networks and teleconferencing with scientists in efforts to improve it (or designing more tanks). He treats his technical work as a hobby. In his view, it keeps him from getting out of touch. In the views of Javier's colleagues, it makes him a vital resource: a CO who also understands the intricacies of the CDF's logistics.

Combat Abilities

Part of Javier's CO training was learning how to fire a pistol and a rifle. Javier rarely carries either, though. No matter how much his colleagues try to persuade him otherwise, he believes that his position as Viccario's king means that no one would dare mistreat him. He sees no need for weapons. Instead, Javier wears a thick steel cuirass under his CDF uniform jacket. It dates back to old Earth, and he lovingly maintains it.
Javier's true combat abilities, therefore, lie in fencing and in his CO Powers. He has trained in both competition and 'in the round' (combat) fencing. In particular, Javier is talented with the rapier. Few who challenge him can keep up with his blade. Wars World's swordfighters regularly debate whether or not he could defeat Kanbei's kenjutsu in a duel.
As for Javier's CO Powers, they make him a powerhouse . . . . if there are communication towers in the area! Their indirect attack blocking will always work. Javier has no idea how, but he believes the light interferes with targeting systems. The increase to his army's performance, on the other hand, depends on his being able to speak to it. He coordinates them with unparalleled grace (usually from a megatank or HQ because he refuses to carry firearms).


Being commissioned into the CDF has caused Javier to meet many interesting people. Not least among them are his colleagues. As a monarch, though, Javier often feels somewhat alien among them.
Most observers would expect Javier to get along with Eagle, and he does. There is, however, a tense undercurrent running through their relationship. Javier is devoted to the traditional ideals of nobility. Eagle, on the other hand, has a far more modern view of what it means to be a noble. This, combined with Eagle's personality, annoys Javier. He is a patient man despite that. Besides, he believes that Eagle will eventually mature.
Javier finds Drake as confusing as Drake finds him. Like most Wars World nobles, he believes the pirates and privateers of Avalon are little better than common thieves. When Javier looks at Drake, though, he sees a kind and humble family man. He isn't quite sure how to treat his commoner colleague. Javier does realize that Drake holds back laughter whenever he speaks Avalonian English, and he wishes the admiral would simply correct him.
Jess, on the other hand, is practically Javier's soulmate. Her devotion to honor and bravery greatly impress the monarch. Until he met Jess, he thought he was alone in the world. Now Javier is lovestruck and pursuing a relationship. Similar to Drake, he knows Jess is attracted to him. He is almost completely oblivious to such a relationship's implications. (Javier is wondering why copies of the CDF fraternization rules keep appearing under his Ring office's door.)
Javier has never met Kanbei. He has, however, always felt a connection to the emperor, even before his powers erupted. This is why he has challenged Kanbei to a MAPS duel. Javier wishes to test his skills against only opponents as honorable as he is. Seeing Kanbei's clone during the Omega Land conflict made him want a duel even more. After all, Javier reasons, if a mere copy of Yellow Comet's emperor could fight like that, imagine what the actual CO is like!

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