Wars World Survey: Jake Murdoch - By Abalux

Age: 18
Height: 5'9"/1.75 m
Weight: 145 lb/66 kg
Birthplace: Promise Hill, Omega Land (Orange Star Territories)
Relatives of Note: Father Edmund, 63 and mother Nadine, 59 (both full professors of history at Breslow University, Orange Star; currently engaged in research)
Languages Known: Orange Star English


Were it not for his parents' move to Omega Land, Jake wouldn't exist. They were scholars of the Cosmos War. More specifically, they studied a contentious and rather controversial field: the coded diaries of Steinhalt. Most Wars Worlders take a dim view of those who study their planet's most dangerous era. This is doubly true for those studying anything related to Steinhalt - the painful memories are still fresh. Therefore, the Murdochs moved to rural Omega Land to avoid harassment. They broke in their bedroom in an interesting fashion and had Jake nine months later.
Growing up as the son of older parents, Jake felt a little awkward among other children. It wasn't what his parents did for a living; they had told him to say they were military historians (not entirely false). Rather, it was just having older parents. Mr. and Mrs. Murdoch were loving and accommodating, but they wore out far more quickly than his friends' parents. This meant he couldn't stay out quite as late as his peers. Still, it only gave Jake a little social trouble. His parents' knowledge of warfare and cool military models made his house the local hangout. Even Jake was fascinated by his parents' studies.
Jake found a second love when he was a little older. One year, a group of techno DJs decided to hold their annual convention in Promise Hill. Jake sneaked out of the house to attend. At the park where the DJs were meeting, he heard his first set of techno music. It immediately intrigued him. Jake soon owned numerous techno albums and began experimenting with an old turntable. He wanted to travel to Cosmo Land and check out the clubs in its major cities. Since his parents were on leave and therefore not being fully paid, though, Jake had to find some way to raise funds. He hit on the military as a solution.
At first Jake, like many of his fellow soldiers, was just in for the cash. He was also living among his peers. Their slang was just as intriguing as techno. Jake was soon letting it fly with the best of them. It didn't matter that Omega Land slang was ten years behind Cosmo Land slang. As someone who had grown up in a staid, academic household, Jake felt liberated.
Jake didn't become serious about military affairs until the commander of the Omega Land division disappeared. His replacement, a pretty young Academy graduate named Rachel Chernekov, immediately got Jake's attention. During a training exercise with Rachel, Jake's CO Powers unleashed. Rachel promoted him to CO rank so that he could assist her.
Jake's assistance was invaluable when Black Hole reared its ugly head. Although he was trained as a tank commander, his abilities' indirect range boosts made him versatile indeed. This was especially helpful when the Allied Nations had to rescue Lash and Hawke from rampaging Ooziums.
Thanks to his parents' studies of Steinhalt, Jake immediately recognized Hawke as the dictator reborn. He felt no hatred for the man, though. Somehow Jake knew Hawke would never let Black Hole destroy Wars World. The two COs eventually formed an... understanding. Jake guarded Hawke and kept Allied Nations soldiers from harassing him. He seemingly did this for no reason. Every week, though, the Murdochs received letters from their son, written on two pages of paper glued together. They don't talk about why. What is known, though, is that Professors Edmund and Nadine Murdoch had decrypted Steinhalt's diaries by the war's end... and that the Murdoch family was subdued after Hawke's apparent death. Jake is now a war hero. He is more famous in Omega Land than Andy, and at least his equal outside that isolated continent.


Jake is seemingly a boisterous young man who likes having a good time. His headphones get as much use listening to CDs as they do in battles. At military parties, he often DJs. He quickly builds rapport with the crowd and keys his tracks to its mood. Those who see him perform believe that Jake will be an excellent full-time DJ after he returns to civilian life. He certainly enjoys the attention.
Deeper down, Jake is a thoughtful, compassionate young man. His parents ingrained that into him. While he talks in slang and acts tough, he has a strong sense of justice and duty. This is why he befriended and protected Hawke. No one deserves to die without cause, even if they tried to conquer the world. It's also why he didn't kill Von Bolt when he had the chance (the decision was tough, though).

Combat Abilities

Jake began his military career as common infantry. As a result, he can handle a machine gun effectively. His current assignment to tank command has caused Jake to develop skill with pistols. This has been a good idea: Jake's powers work as well with handguns as they do with artillery and rockets. Rachel thinks he nearly equals Grit when he's got his powers going.
Jake's proficiency with plains is interesting. Promise Hill, the village he comes from, lies on a long stretch of grassland, punctuated by the hill it's built around and named after. Jake would spend hours on the hill when he was younger. As a result, he became sensitive to movement on the plains. That sensitivity has been a help at war.


Jake's strongest relationship is with Rachel, his direct superior and secret crush. She's able to keep up with his energy and doesn't seem to mind his constant slang. That alone makes Jake like her. He's also impressed by her ability to access the Cosmo Land missile silos and wonders what she did for the privilege.
Jake also has a rather strong bond with Jess. Despite the age gulf between them, the two work exceptionally well together (Jess is off limits for romance because she's so much older than Jake). This is likely because they both focus on ground warfare. Their relationship is similar to Andy and Eagle's, but with less competition.

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