Wars World Survey: Hachi Miyogi - By Abalux

Age: 75
Height: 5'9"/1.75 m
Weight: 145 lb/66 kg
Birthplace: Hitoshi, Yellow Comet
Relatives of Note: Wife Aikiko, 70 (retired realtor); son Hirosho, 49 (shipping agent), daughter Aishima, 45 (lawyer), grandsons Raymond and Thomas, 16, and granddaughter Patricia, 14.


Hachi was the first naturalized Orange Star citizen to become its army's commander-in-chief. He grew up in Hitoshi, a large Yellow Comet port. Since his parents ran the local fishers' market, Hachi got a lot of business experience early. He amazed even the accountants at the bank next door with his savvy and acumen.
That early experience proved valuable when the famed "Sensei" Yamamoto visited Hitoshi. While he was there, the great teacher visited the fishers' market. He found Hachi, then 14, there. Seeing the youth's great potential, Yamamoto asked Hachi and his parents if he could take him to the capital and train him in military ways. His parents agreed. Hachi, not wanting to disappoint them, went along with it. He traveled to the capital, Takimura, with Yamamoto, and moved into his school at the Imperial Palace.
At first, Hachi was homesick. Then he made friends with the crown prince Hideo Kanbei and a farmboy named Kouzou (who would later become famous as "Grimm"). The three soon became inseparable. Through Yamamoto's strict regimen of exercise, meditation, and tactical training, the young men also grew into an unbeatable team. Hachi and Kouzou developed their CO Powers during this time (Yamamoto's training was famous for unleashing them). The young Kanbei did not, but he never felt any jealousy. If he did, he never showed it.
Hachi trained under Yamamoto for ten years. After graduating, he entered Yellow Comet's army. His business and financial sense were still strong. In fact, Hachi soon became the best quartermaster in the country. This was a good thing for the army - especially during the Cosmos War, when Steinhalt's forces blockaded the Yellow Comet archipelago. Many soldiers would have starved or run out of bullets had it not been for Hachi's mercantile connections and frugality.
After the war, Hachi was as happy about his nation's increasing isolation as his Sensei (that is, not at all). The two made plans to leave. Hachi sent his wife and children to Orange Star, where they would set up his affairs. Then he and Yamamoto followed. Much to their surprise, Kouzou, now known as "Lightning Grimm" for his Cosmos War bravado, joined them.
In Orange Star, Hachi was welcomed into its military as an intelligence source. He rapidly rebuilt his reputation as a quartermaster and a hard bargainer (Yamamoto and Grimm kept on traveling. They didn't have families to worry about). With this reputation, Hachi forged an excellent military career. His mercantile techniques reduced the Orange Star Army's expenses by 10 percent. It was no surprise, then, that, when its commander-in-chief died, Hachi's fellow generals chose him for the post.
Hachi continued to increase the military's efficiency. Among other events during his term, he personally greeted the International Military Academy's first Yellow Comet students in years (including Sonja). It was a good career by any measure. After ten years, though, Hachi was getting bored. He was tired of making arrangements for war games. Then he had an idea: why not make a simulator for training? It would save money and reduce injuries.
To ensure that the simulator would be the best it could be, Hachi retired. He then put up notices for military-savvy programmers and AI designers. Many capable people answered; Javier and Sonja were among them. Hachi worked with his new colleagues to make the best simulator he could. Then, after five years of design and playtesting, he released it.
The MAPS (Military Activity and Personnel Simulator) debuted under much critical praise. Soon there was a demand for a civilian version. Answering it, Hachi had no choice but to open his Battle Maps shop. He now does a brisk business in the MAPS' numerous upgrades and expansion packs. Not only is he massively wealthy, he has a business that allows him to keep in touch with his old military friends.


Hachi is a consummate commander - but business has become his true passion. He likes money, but is prudent, frugal, and even miserly toward it. Even Colin, with his excellent bargaining skills and financial acumen, has trouble getting Hachi to reduce his shop prices. He loves the MAPS too much to lower prices (besides, if too many copies get into circulation, pirates could copy it).
That said, though, Hachi is still a military man. When a fellow CO comes into his shop, he immediately engages him or her in battlefield conversation. Hachi learns a lot of interesting information this way (which he keeps to himself). He also increases his wide range of business contacts, particularly when Colin and Sasha come in, and keeps in touch with military matters. Although he retired long ago, Hachi still likes his field. He regularly holds parties for his military friends. Some of them meet friends, dates, and even spouses at these affairs.

Combat Abilities

Although Hachi has been retired for a while, he still knows how to fire a pistol (the same model Andy carries). Merchants do get robbed. When they're selling products like sophisticated military training programs, they also have greater concerns than that.
Hachi particularly worries about Black Hole charging into his shop and kidnapping him. His CO abilities are for trading and commerce, not personal combat. Fortunately, Nell has assigned guards to provide covert protection for the shops and Hachi's family.


Hachi maintains strong ties to the Orange Star Army. In particular, he has strong connections to Sami and the Nishimura family. His son Hirosho works at Mr. Nishimura's shipping business. The two families also go on vacation together, so it's a relationship built on more than business. Still, Hachi likes all younger COs.
When Sensei Yamamoto came back to military life, Hachi was overjoyed. He and his old instructor have been catching up on old business. Even better, Sensei has developed a new CO Power to replace the one he gave Kanbei. The two are currently cooperating to train younger COs.

The MAPS (Military Activity and Personnel Simulator)

The MAPS is the Advance Wars series; the version we play is simply the "civilian" version. It comes in its own dedicated and easily upgraded console. And, yes, the civilian MAPS is as addictive on Wars World as it is on our DS systems. Even the forces of Black Hole love to play it (Lash was engrossed in the MAPS when she lost the Black Bomb controls :P).
The "military" version of the MAPS takes up an entire headquarters room. Through scrambled com links, satellite mapping, and the most sophisticated projection screens on the planet, armies can fight fairly realistic simulated battles. The console can even zoom down to unit level (it also accurately depicts battlefield injuries and deaths, a way to teach trainees the job?s serious consequences).
Wars World COs use the military MAPS mainly to train fledgling COs and test each other's abilities (in other words, all battles between Allied Nations COs after Sturm's first defeat, including "Rivals!," were fought on it.) Nearly every military school on the planet has a restricted room dedicated to it.

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