Wars World Survey: Kouzou "Lightning Grimm" Kodachi - By Abalux

Age: 51
Height: 5'7"/1.70 m
Weight: 265 lb/120 kg
Birthplace: Unknown, but likely someplace in Yellow Comet
Languages Known: Yellow Comet Japanese, Blue Moon Russian, Direnholmian German, Mandarin, English (Avalonian and Orange Star varieties), and Rostanian French. Grimm is similar to Sensei in that he has done a lot of traveling in the past twenty-five years; he learned the Avalonian dialect of English because he loved the place.
Relatives of Note: Unknown.


Of all the Yellow Comet COs, Grimm is unique in that he has never had ties to family. He couldn't tell you who his parents were or where they lived. What he does know is that he was working on an orphanage's farm by the age of six. The adults there were nice enough, but there was one problem: the boy known as Kouzou really liked to eat. He broke into the kitchen for candy, ate flecks of rice from the fields, and stole other people's fish. Since the orphanage always tried to make sure children didn't go hungry, his behavior puzzled the workers. They finally did the only thing they could. They sent the gluttonous Kouzou to a sumo wrestling school.
Kouzou liked the sumo school. Not only did he get all the food he wanted, he got to express his true nature. Unlike most citizens of Yellow Comet, Kouzou was loud, exuberant, and outspoken. His personality caused his sumo teachers as much headaches as it had the orphanage workers. Still, they were used to the bravado of the young sumotori and could live with it. Kouzou became a well respected, if boisterous, student. His appetite was legendary.
Around the age of sixteen, though, Kouzou began to get bored. He didn't like having to stay on the school grounds and train in what he thought was an outmoded form of fighting. His wanderlust got the best of him. One night, Kouzou slipped out of the school and hopped a train to Takimura.
The capital of Yellow Comet was fascinating to the runaway sumo student. He quickly found a job as a bar bouncer. One night, a brawl broke out. Despite being outnumbered seven to one, he beat the living daylights out of those who had started it (and got his forehead scar from a broken bottle). An old man who appeared to be a military officer watched the entire fight. Afterwards, he approached the bloodied but still standing Kouzou and made an offer. Would he like to learn how to use his spirit to defend his nation' Kouzou accepted on a whim. He became the youngest student at Sensei's dojo.
Training at the dojo was a bit frustrating for Kouzou, who had gotten used to his freedom. He felt somewhat out of place around the sons and daughters of nobles. Still, learning how to fire guns was fun, and Sensei was never too demanding. Even then, Kouzou could sense that his teacher liked him. He, Hachi, and the crown prince would often go on journeys with him. Although Hachi and Hideo were very different from him, Kouzou became friendly with them. They shared a drive for martial achievement and were always friendly toward him (albeit a little confused by his flouting of social norms). It was Kouzou's idea for then to fight with Sensei when the Cosmos War began.
Sensei and his three top students led magnificently in the conflict. In fact, it was at a battle near Krieghald, Direnholm that Kouzou gained his powers and his now-renowned nickname. Kouzou's troops fought in the front. They got cut off from the rest of the Yellow Comet force by Steinhalt's main recon force. A savage, bloody skirmish erupted. While encouraging his soldiers to keep up the pressure, Kouzou felt a bloody rage enter him. It entered his soldiers too. They proceeded to maul the dictator's army, forcing a retreat. The casualties on both sides were enormous. When Sensei arrived at the site of the battle, bringing reinforcements, he said that he would call Kouzou 'Lightning Grimm' from now on. He had defeated the enemy with blazing speed, but at a rather grim cost to his soldiers. The Battle of Krieghald is still one of the most storied battles in Cosmos War history.
After the war, Grimm found his society becoming even more rigid and isolationist. He didn't like it. As a result, when Sensei decided to leave, his favored student leapt at the opportunity to join him. Grimm spent the next two and a half decades traveling with his instructor. He served as Sensei's assistant in the classroom. In addition, Grimm pursued a more frivolous task: becoming familiar with local cuisine. He acquired his taste for donuts in Orange Star, sampled the meats of Green Earth, and developed an admiration for Blue Moon vodka. He also found that people in other societies didn't find him as disruptive. Grimm had no desire to return home.
When Sensei's formerly unknown CO Powers expressed themselves, though, Grimm found himself in a quandary. His instructor wished to use his new talents at home. Grimm, on the other hand, wanted to stand his ground and fight the then-emerging forces of Hawke. He didn't agree to leave until Sensei got on the plane. Grimm realized his mentor was serious. Not even bothering to get his own plane ticket, he charged down the tarmac, knocking down several airport security officers, and boarded. There was no way Grimm was going to let Sensei go home alone.
Grimm's return to Yellow Comet was awkward'especially when he had to readapt to its military. Kanbei was reluctant to let his former peer go on the battlefield. He knew full and well that Grimm needed to re-acclimate. Therefore, when Yellow Comet forces deployed to Green Earth, Grimm got tasked with homeland defense. He wasn't happy about it. As the months went by, though, Grimm found his nation's society less and less stifling. Things had changed. The people were no longer as clannish and the technology was advancing more quickly. By the time his colleagues came home, Grimm was reintegrated into society'and ready to enter a real battlefield.
That chance came when Orange Star forces in Omega Land requested aid. Grimm volunteered for the operation. Much to his surprise, Sensei did as well. It turned out they had the same reasons: neither man had been to Omega Land. Both of them also wanted to test their skills against the allied COs there. They weren't disappointed. Not only were their Omega Land peers capable of besting them, they pushed back the Black Hole forces there. Grimm returned home with plenty of photos, several tins of food and boxes of donuts, and many, many good memories. He now spends his time training his soldiers, keeping track of the sumo tournaments, and trying to find the perfect donut.


Like all people, Wars Worlders stereotype nationalities. The Yellow Comet stereotype is a quiet, polite, and somewhat repressed individual. Grimm blows these characteristics right out of the water. He is outspoken and doesn't care what people think of him. He loudly cheers the hero in kabuki plays, splashes in the hot springs, and eats sushi with his bare hands. Only through deliberate and (to him) annoying effort can Grimm restrain himself. On the surface, Yellow Comet's assault CO should not be living in his native society.
Grimm is, however, accommodating to one aspect of Yellow Comet society: respect. He is confident in his own abilities and boasts about them. Still, Grimm knows that he can't lead alone. He needs and likes people as strong-willed and bold as him. They are eminently worthy of his consideration and loyalty. Kanbei and Sensei are among these individuals. So are many of his colleagues in foreign nations. Even the timid Colin and the understated Sonja are worthy of Grimm's respect. After all, they've survived this long in their nations' militaries, and he finds that impressive.

Combat Abilities

Grimm is an in-your-face commander. He is unafraid to command from the front lines, much less the front. In fact, Grimm is the only Yellow Comet CO who regularly bears rifles. He is also a consummate brawler. With years of sumo training and bar bouncing experience, Grimm has sometimes outwrestled Kanbei. He is more than capable of staying near the front.
His CO Powers only increase his survivability. CO Power buildup is, at its heart, based on the CO's passion for his or her force'and few COs are as passionate as Grimm. Most of Grimm's soldiers are like him. They're people whose exuberance and boldness separate them from the rest of Yellow Comet. These soldiers get assigned to his assault troops. Grimm develops a strong working relationship with most of his people, and watching them fight thrills him. Their commander's joy in turn makes them fight harder. Eventually, Grimm's powers literally explode'and the true battle begins. Everyone from him down loses his or herself in the joy of combat. Their only aim is to pound the enemy into submission. As a result, they cannot maintain disciplined formations. Battles involving Grimm's soldiers are indeed grim. Enemy and Yellow Comet deaths are high. Still, those who survive are heroes. They are the embodiment of the kamikaze spirit.


Grimm sometimes has a hard time making friends. His loudness and lack of social graces often alienate people. Still, Grimm doesn't know the meaning of quitting, and he wins people over with his determination.
Grimm's relationships with his colleagues are surprisingly amicable. Sensei has never lost patience with his favored student. As someone who knows he is impatient and rash, Grimm is wowed by his mentor's unflappability. He gives Sensei all the veneration he deserves. Grimm also respects Kanbei as the leader of his nation. He often doesn't agree with his discipline and 'outmoded' honor. Still, Kanbei is the only person who can physically keep up with Grimm, and he admires that. Even Sonja is worthy of Grimm's respect. She is the brightest person he knows. Besides, while she can spend too much time planning, Grimm likes her dedication to nation and family.
Outside Yellow Comet, Grimm likes a surprising CO: Colin. He met the wealthy young CO in Omega Land. Although the boy appeared frail and unassuming, Grimm sensed his desire to be strong. He took a mentoring role after getting to know him better. Now they correspond regularly. Colin shows Grimm his growing proficiency at warfare and Grimm encourages Colin to be more assertive.

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