Wars World Survey: Green Earth Confederation - By Abalux

Cultural Basis: Any not explicitly mentioned in previous entries (includes African, Middle Eastern, and Western European)
Population (% Military): 1 billion (15%)
Government Type: Varies by member nation; only dictatorships and absolute monarchies forbidden
Primary Industries: Fishing, manufacturing, petroleum refining
Exports: Vehicles of all types, industrial equipment, oil, seafood
Imports: Steel, firearms, industrial metals


The settlers of what would become Green Earth spent years on the move. Unlike Yellow Comet's future citizens, they simultaneously explored and built. Those who tired of the journey formed their nation's first cities. When, after several years of wandering, the remaining explorers reached the sea, they called on these settlements to help build ships. These ships eventually discovered the southeastern Macro Land archipelago that would form Green Earth's heartland.
Eventually, even the explorers put down roots. Green Earth as an entity did not exist yet. Instead, about a hundred nations occupied this part of Wars World. Sometimes they fought among themselves. Sometimes they traded. All of these nations, no matter what ethnic groups occupied them, shared persistence and a strong belief in autonomy.
It took only thirty years for that autonomy to come under fire. A man named Viktor Steinhalt became prime minister of Direnholm, the region's largest and most developed nation. Steinhalt was democratically elected. With his nationalist rhetoric, though, he persuaded his people that the region was theirs for the taking-and that the time for democracy had ended. The Direnholmian army soon stormed across the archipelago, aided by Steinhalt's "Black Wave" CO power. Only the small nation of Avalon remained free. Avalon did not get an opportunity to fight back until Steinhalt attacked Yellow Comet. The nations' envoys persuaded Orange Star and Blue Moon to aid them.
After the fifteen years of island-to-island bloodshed that was the Cosmos War, the world bought Steinhalt to justice. Then Green Earth's people decided they could not abide central rule again. Forming the Green Earth Confederation Council, they swore to protect each other against dictatorship.


The islands that form Green Earth's territory appear to be younger than the larger continents. This younger geological age makes the landscape striking: mountains are sharper and more rugged, rivers are straight and relatively short, and light forests dominate. Green Earth nations with these features frequently have foreign visitors.
Green Earth cities are also relatively different from more unified nations'. Architectural styles vary considerably based on culture. Beneath the differences in decoration and materials, though, there are common characteristics. First, all these cities have excellent mass transit. Avalon is particularly famous for its train and bus systems (necessary in a nation with such bad weather). Second, Green Earth cities are extraordinarily well-planned. Finally, these cities favor low buildings. This is mostly out of international humility. After all, Steinhalt built many monuments and large buildings, and look what happened to him!


Green Earth's most powerful member nations are those that usually provide the COs. A few examples are listed below:
Avalon: Unique among the nations of Wars World, Avalon is an absolute democracy: everyone votes on everything. It also has near-persistent Fog of War and rain surrounding it. These conditions are why Steinhalt could not take Avalon - and why Avalon builds the toughest ships on the planet. The Confederation Defense Force (CDF) admiral, Drake Brannaugh, comes from this country.
Direnholm: Direnholm has recovered from the Cosmos Wars admirably, reviving its system of constitutional monarchy. The nation hosts the striking Dire Range, and its aerospace industry is the most respected on Wars World (the planet's first space shuttle is under construction in the capital). The Chief CO of the CDF, code-named "Eagle", is supposedly one of Direnholm's nobles.
Rostania: Rostania, home of the CDF tank commander Jessica Montagne, was founded by French-descended settlers who wanted a stable government. They adapted the representative democracy of Orange Star to their needs. This system has worked admirably and, along with Rostania's petroleum reserves, has made the nation Wars World's car supplier. It also contains Mount Ignum, the planet's most active volcano.
The Ring: This city-state is the site of the Green Earth Confederation Council. Independent of any nation, it houses assembly chambers, CDF training areas, and hotels for travelers.
Viccario: Viccario, much like Direnholm, is a constitutional monarchy. Unlike its more Germanic neighbor, this nation hosts some of Wars World's strongest buildings. The royal citadel is an example. In the last war against Black Hole, it survived direct rocket hits without as much as a broken window. Some attribute this to the use of an unknown CO power. It's true that most observers saw the typical light display... and that the king, Javier II, has been on a "royal vacation" ever since.


Even after twenty-five years, the specter of dictatorship haunts the Green Earth Confederation. Its Confederation Council requires emergencies to meet more than once a year, its president serves only one ten-year term, and it has power over only international disputes, human rights violations, and trade. Additionally, every member nation has only one representative and must follow three major rules:
1. No member nation may be non-democratic;
2. All member nations must respect civil and human rights;
3. Member nations may not make alliances larger than ten nations (counting nations outside the Confederation).
The price of breaking these rules is extraordinarily high: a member nation caught doing so can expect a visit from its colleagues' militaries. This has happened only once, to a nation called Farsel. As a result of the invasion, it split into three weakened nations. No members have broken Confederation rules since.


All Green Earth member nations maintain their own volunteer militaries (conscription is universally illegal because Steinhalt did it). They do train together, however, and in major emergencies the Confederation Council may vote to activate the Confederation Defense Force (CDF). This drastic measure merges all the national militaries into an army that fights "under the green". The war with Black Hole is the first time the CDF has been activated.
A group of COs, the Command Council, runs the CDF. Elected from member nations' top commanders, they each serve one ten-year term. The four positions include air, naval, and land theaters of operation. The fourth, fortifications, was only recently added. No one knows who will fill it.
The CDF takes advantage of the Confederation's vehicular resources. In wartime, 90% of Green Earth's vehicle factories switch to military production. They provided the CDF with enough military vehicles to make most opposing forces moot. Its strategy and tactics focus on using these vehicles to compensate for each other's weaknesses. The cooperation between Green Earth air, naval, and land forces is the envy of nearly every other nation. That the vehicles make the CDF the most technologically-developed force on Wars World doesn't hurt either.
The CDF also has an interesting practice with members of the nobility. When a noble becomes a CO, he or she gets a code name. The code name effectively separates the noble from the soldier, reducing the effects of the noble's status. Eagle is the most famous example. Interestingly enough, there is also a rumor that Javier II is the new fortifications CO. If this is the case, his high status and his fame for his gentlemanly and somewhat eccentric ways mean that no code name will be able to hide his identity.

Current Events

In the second war with Black Hole, Green Earth suffered the worst damage. Its forces crumpled against Hawke's troops. Why did Wars World's most determined and advanced military perform so poorly? The answer is simple: Hawke looked like, and used the same CO power as, Steinhalt. Old demons die hard. It was only the bravery of the Green Earth COs and the aid of the Confederation's neighbors that forced him to retreat.
As a result, most of Green Earth wants to know who the heck Hawke is. The rumors range from the plausible (he's a relative of Steinhalt seeking revenge) to the outlandish (he is Steinhalt, risen from hell to torment his nation). As for the COs, they don't care. They just want Hawke to leave their country alone.

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