Wars World Survey: Colin Argenti - By Abalux

Age: 18
Height: 5'4"/1.63 m
Weight: 100 lb/46 kg
Birthplace: Damara, Blue Moon
Languages Known: Blue Moon Russian and Orange Star English; the standard Blue Moon military academy curriculum is strongly balanced toward handling Orange Star.
Relatives of Note: Colin's only living relative is his sister Sasha, 21 (his legal guardian and a fellow CO in the Blue Moon army).


Colin's life story actually begins nearly thirty-five years before his birth, with the Blue Moon uprising. Many Orange Star corporations, particularly military suppliers and agricultural cooperatives, had headquarters in the east for the large labor pools and impressive scenery. The revolt sent many of them into panic. Some of them fled the emerging nation, deeply injuring its economy. Others stayed loyal to the end. These companies' officers soon found themselves in military custody, their firms under Blue Moon control. Only one of these corporations immediately aligned itself with the new government. A moderately sized military supply firm called Argenti Outfitters, it drew nearly all its executive staff and workers from a local pool. Its owner was Colin's grandfather. Because of his decision, Colin is a native of Blue Moon, not Orange Star (Grandfather Argenti was considering, but decided against, escaping).
The Blue Moon government generously awarded Argenti Outfitters for its loyalty: to this day, it holds 90% of the nation's military supply contracts. Grandfather Argenti and his family became incredibly wealthy as a result. His son, Peter, married Sabrina Romanov, the daughter of a Blue Moon general. They settled in the town of Damara. There, the Argentis built a minimalistic but spacious estate and had a daughter, Sasha. They had her brother about five years later. Unfortunately, little Colin was born a few weeks early, and Sabrina died delivering him. He spent his first month of life in the Smolensk Children's Hospital's intensive neonatal care ward.
After that, Colin led the life typical of an upper-class Blue Moon child. He spent most of his time studying under private tutors. Although his father wasn?t around often, he had the constant company of Sasha, who was taking on Sabrina's role as a mother figure. Colin was at her beck and call. He willingly cooperated with her exercise regimen; since he was still smaller than most boys, Sasha figured he would need it to protect himself.
When Sasha started attending military boarding school to ensure her high social position, she made sure the training continued.
Colin started going to the same school as Sasha when he turned ten. Soon afterwards, terrible news reached the school: Peter Argenti had died in a traffic accident. Rumors spread quickly. What exactly had happened was in doubt - Colin's father was as friendly to the government as his father - and eventually got blamed on Orange Star covert ops. That didn't matter to Colin and Sasha. They were alone in the world, with only their father's accountant to guide and protect them. Still, they adjusted.
At school, Colin became one of the best students, particularly in math (his CO Power emerged during a math test). His record on military matters was a little less exemplary. Colin was a good strategist and commander. On his first MAPS test, though, he lost his lunch when the virtual troops began to get injured - not uncommon, since the simulation is brutally realistic. This implied Colin's main problem: he could not build up the nerve to shoot people, even targets shaped as people. It got him into a bit of trouble. Eventually, his teachers just pointed the gun at the target for him. He was obedient otherwise. Besides, they didn't dare fail Sasha Argenti's baby brother.
Then Black Hole attacked Blue Moon, and Colin finally found the nerve to fight. His problem was that he was only a cadet. They normally weren't allowed on the battlefield, but he wanted to serve his country. Finally, Colin got an idea. He left the barracks one night. Evading security, he climbed the school's wall and made a beeline to Smolensk. (Colin doesn't know it, but the school commander saw him do this. He didn't stop the boy because he figured experience was the only way he would get over his gun-shyness.)
With the resources at his command, Colin easily made it to Blue Moon's capital. He immediately went to army headquarters. The guards didn't let him in until he showed them his ID. Never willing to anger their primary military supplier's representatives, they led Colin to Olaf's office. Olaf was annoyed at first. Then, when Colin told him he had run away from school to join, he relented and let him into the officer corps. Blue Moon was a little short-handed when it came to COs.
At first, Colin found serving under two legends rather intimidating. He kept getting tongue-tied. (His voice was also changing, which made talking, much less commanding his troops, rather embarrassing for him). Then Olaf and Grit let Colin go on his first independent command. He was guarding a strategically important coastal region when Lash attacked. For fourteen days, Colin held her force at bay. The operation became known as the "Two Week Test." Although it was considered controversial (cadets still weren't supposed to be in battle), it was also when Colin realized he could command on his own. The mission gave him the confidence necessary to help win the Macro Land conflict.
Afterwards, Sasha came to Smolensk. Colin was scared senseless; he hadn't gotten her permission to leave school. She did chew him out quite harshly. Then she spoke with Olaf. Colin isn't sure what happened in Olaf's office, but Sasha wound up joining the Blue Moon command. This sudden event has made Colin's life more interesting since he treats both Sasha and Olaf as equal superiors (His relationship with Grit is more equal). Colin can't argue that his sister is a burden, though, and she was a major help in the Omega Land conflict. Their relationship, and his relationship with his government in general, is as strong as it ever was.


Colin is, indeed, an ideal subordinate: he obeys the orders of his superiors without question, accepts their judgment, and tries to foster such obedience in his equals. As much a Blue Moon patriot as Olaf, he seems almost completely unaware of the military's real governing role. This scares Sasha somewhat (she has a more realistic view of her country?s politics). She tries to correct Colin's perceptions. Her words just seem to go in one ear and out the other.
Besides being a model subordinate, Colin is quite a hand at investing and finance. His connections in Wars World's stock markets, including Fleet Square in Orange Star's Opal City, are legendary. Its investors worry that he could cause a market crash with just a few phone calls. After all, 16-year olds are not the most mature stock traders in the world. Sasha is there to keep Colin under control. One habit of Colin's she can't control is his tendency to carry a lot of Blue Moon credit cards. Because Blue Moon rubles fluctuate in value so unpredictably, the nation's government was Wars World's first to switch to electronic currency. Colin always has at least ten cards on his person. He seems completely indifferent to his government?s tracking of these cards. Besides, Colin does what his government tells him to, and he is unlikely to do otherwise.

Combat Abilities

Colin's health has improved greatly since his birth. Still, he is small (the family doctors weren't expecting him to be even five feet tall) and tires easily. These flaws mean that Colin is not the best combatant. He does carry a pistol from school, which he has become more proficient with since assuming command, but he knows where his talents lie. His hired bodyguards, some of whom come from Sandusky's Sentinels, are never far from his side.
Where Colin excels is in a unique blend of combat and finance. He's not like Hachi, whose abilities work entirely on the financial front. Colin's studies of warfare and investing have given him an unusual insight into their interaction. He can channel money from his investments to the battlefield. In addition, his family's military connections have given him several excellent supply contacts (some of which he shares with Hachi). Colin calls on these contacts to manufacture units at high speed. The only problem is that some of his contacts aren't that reputable. As a young, inexperienced commander, he hasn't mastered assessing his equipment's quality. This inexperience, combined with many Blue Moon soldiers' reluctance to be commanded by a mere cadet, means Colin's forces don't perform as well as they should. Olaf doesn't complain, though. The kid is good with figures. Besides, when the "combat bonuses" are flowing and the troops are pouring high-quality fuel (Olaf doesn't know and doesn't care where Colin gets it) into the vehicles, Colin's performance greatly improves.


Colin's relationship with Olaf is, needless to say, stellar: the man is next to God in the young CO's book. His allegiance to his commander is unbreakable. Olaf reciprocates this loyalty; many of Olaf's staff officers joke that their commander is going to adopt Colin. Colin always turns red when they mention this.
His relationship with Grit is far more equal?at least, that?s what Grit is trying to make it. Unthinking obedience to authority annoys him. He does understand, however, that Colin is young and naive. If Grit plays his cards right, he might get the kid to loosen up a little. The two of them hang out when there's a lull in warfare. Much of Colin's improved marksmanship is the result of impromptu shooting lessons under Grit.
Sasha, of course, is Colin's sister - but she also plays the role of his mother. Colin treats her as such. Although she is older than him and can be somewhat intimidating, Sasha exhibits a compassion that comforts Colin when he's in need. She is his closest confidante. Of course, she is also the first person to discipline him when he gets into trouble. This makes battlefield situations a little awkward sometimes...

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