Wars World Survey: Protectorate of Blue Moon - By Abalux

Cultural Basis: As for Orange Star, but with strong Eastern European influences
Population (% Military): 650 million (30%)
Government Type: Officially parliamentary democracy
Primary Industries: Agriculture, logging, tourism
Exports: Grain, lumber
Imports: Iron, electronics


As the western regions of Orange Star developed and urbanized, the eastern territories established themselves as the nation's breadbasket. Their citizens had lifestyles differing from the westerners'. While Orange Star's westerners came to value the dynamism and cosmopolitanism of urban life, their eastern cousins began to appreciate tradition and self-sufficiency. The regions soon became culturally foreign. This lack of understanding caused Orange Star considerable political trouble.
This trouble came to a head fifty years ago. As noted in the Orange Star entry above, a group of military officers took over their nation's eastern region. It is true that they thought their nation was unambitious. Orange Star does not discuss a more important reason: the officers were angry at their colleagues for discrimination. Each one was a native easterner. At the time, eastern military officers had lower pay and fewer chances for promotion than westerners. The straw that broke the camel's back was the closing of a major eastern military base. Occupying it, the band of officers sent troops to man the Alara Mountains. They then sent a message to New Washington. It was simple: "We secede under the blue moon". Eastern Orange Star was now the Protectorate of Blue Moon. Orange Star responded with warfare, then sanctions. It wasn't enough. After nearly a hundred years of eastern rule, the people of Blue Moon relished their new independence. The conflict soon settled into tense border skirmishes and espionage. Except for one Macro Land territory, Blue Moon maintained its borders.
This conflict heated up again five years ago. For reasons unknown to his daughters Nell and Rachel, Orange Star commander-in-chief Olaf Chernekov defected to Blue Moon. He then forced his former nation's government out of his home territory (the one Orange Star had reclaimed). Because Olaf was a skilled CO, and because he also bought his troops and their shiny new (by Blue Moon standards) equipment, the Blue Moon government welcomed him with open arms. He has obtained political power and made Blue Moon a worse threat to Orange Star.


Beyond the Alara Mountains, Blue Moon is extraordinarily flat and grassy. Its plains are the most fertile on the planet. The Blue Moon government uses them to grow crops such as wheat, potatoes, and rye. In the north, the terrain gradually shifts to forests. These forests are the largest and oldest in Wars World. Because of them, Blue Moon is the planet's top supplier of lumber. And, yes, the place does get cold in the winter.
There aren't many large cities in Blue Moon: the capital, Smolensk, is the largest and is still small by Orange Star standards. The nation's citizens prefer to live in close-knit rural towns. These settlements usually center on logging and agriculture. Although their nightlife isn't the best, many Blue Moon villages have a hundred years of history. They often host tourists from foreign countries.


Officially, the Protectorate of Blue Moon is a parliamentary democracy. The parliament meets regularly in Smolensk. Its current premier, Andrei Vashya, is popular among the people. Most Blue Moon citizens believe he and parliament are the highest authorities.
The truth is a little more unsettling. When the parliament passes laws, they go through a top-secret examination by unknown authorities. These "authorities" are the military's highest-ranking officers. Led by Olaf, they ensure the parliament's policies satisfy their goals. This group calls itself the "Chernekov junta" after its leader. Because of its secret influence, the military has become the center of power. Many children from wealthy families (such as Colin and Sasha Argenti) attend military academies for career advancement.


The Blue Moon military is Wars World's consummate guerrilla force. Faced with superior Orange Star numbers and technology (with Olaf's new equipment, Blue Moon's technology is now only ten years behind), its soldiers used their knowledge of local terrain and their wits to maintain their independence. These practices continue to the present. For example, Olaf's second-in-command William J. Sandusky (better known as Grit) has jerry-rigged scopes superior to Orange Star's and adapted them to Blue Moon indirect weapons. Colin and Sasha use their late parents' influence to mobilize resources more efficiently. As for Olaf, he simply uses strategy to compensate for his military's weaknesses. The Blue Moon military's only other stumbling block is his ego.

Current Events

In a nation run by what is essentially a secret military junta, military affairs naturally dominate the news. The Black Hole invasion has made this only more apparent. Of all the news stories, the most significant one has been Sasha's entry into the ranks of the COs. After Colin's "Two Week Test", she ordered Olaf to let her join the war effort. The Argenti family is a major player in Blue Moon's arms manufacturing. With this in mind, Olaf could not deny Sasha.

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