Wars World Survey: Andy Wilson - By Abalux

Age: 18
Height: 5'6"/1.65 m
Weight: 125 lb/56 kg
Birthplace: New Washington, Orange Star
Languages Known: Orange Star English (roughly equivalent to American English)
Relatives of Note: Mother Daria, 49 (president of Orange Star); father Sam, 47 (lawyer); older brother Ted, 21; older sister Karen 23 (both in college)


Andy was born during his mother's freshman Orange Star senate term. She and his father came from thoughtful, restrained upper-class backgrounds. They thought their third child would reflect that as much as his older siblings.
Imagine their surprise, then, when their quiet baby and shy toddler grew into a hyper-curious and hyperactive little boy. As a result, Andy went to public school instead of private school, rarely attended political occasions, and annoyed many members of his mother's staff. She had a lot of trouble handling him. Finally, she got Andy interested in mechanical work. It kept him out of her hair, as did Andy's interest in military affairs. He frequently barraged a family friend, Nell Chernekov, with questions.
That interest in military affairs bloomed soon after his mother became Orange Star's president. One day, Andy was rebuilding an engine in the presidential mansion's garage. He was concentrating (rare for him). Suddenly, a bright light filled the place. When it disappeared, Andy noticed that the engine was completely fixed. He also noticed that a nearby broken scooter had been repaired. Then his mother dashed into the room. Apparently people across New Washington were reporting the miraculous repair of broken machinery. His mother knew what had happened: Andy had CO abilities. Andy asked what that meant. She patted him on the shoulder and said that he would be repairing "more interesting things." His response was "Cool!"
After screening by Nell, Andy entered Orange Star's CO training program. He didn't like the discipline and the studying. His mother was right about the machinery, though, and he more or less adapted to military life. Andy is now a vital part of the Orange Star Army. Thanks to the war in Macro Land, he is also a respected member of the First Family. (He is on its victory tour during the Omega Land campaign).


Daria Wilson sometimes describes her youngest son as a "hectic handful". This is a fairly accurate description of Andy. He's easily distracted by new things, fidgety, and impulsive. His time in the military has reduced this somewhat, but Andy still doesn't like sitting for more than a few minutes. Sometimes he even frustrates Nell.
That said, though, Andy is an enthusiastic and dedicated commander. Soldiers serving under him usually catch this enthusiasm; he tries to be as involved as possible. They also become some of Orange Star's most durable soldiers. After all, he can heal them, and his personal optimism goes a long way toward morale. Most of Andy's troops don't want to disappoint.

Combat Abilities

Andy's abilities place him firmly in the "support CO" category. As a result, he spends most battles at the local Orange Star headquarters, a distance from the front lines. Andy is, however, still a soldier. He usually carries an OSA-26 pistol (and his trusty wrenches) and knows how to use it.


Andy has very good relationships with his Orange Star colleagues (although he does annoy Nell and Sami sometimes). His strongest bond is with Max, who has taken him under his wings.
Internationally, Andy has already earned a rival: the Green Earth Confederation Defense Force chief commander "Eagle." They correspond regularly and even play shooters online. His other major rival, Hawke, hasn't been seen since the Omega Land conflict.

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