Wars World Survey: Kogi "Adder" Hinada - By Abalux

Age: 27
Height: 7'0"/2.13 m
Weight: 150 lb/68 kg
Birthplace: Tulwar Flats Complex, Zeffen
Languages Known: Terran Standard, Japanese (Terran and Wars World varieties), Wars World German, and several other languages. Adder knows Japanese because of his heritage and the other languages for work purposes.
Relatives of Note: Father Kai (57, governor of the Tulwar Flats Complex). Adder's father will not talk of him, considering his only son an embarrassment.


Black Hole's most unlikely CO was born in Zeffen's Tulwar Flats Complex, the third-largest settlement on the planet. Young Kogi's father was firmly in command in the settlement, and he never lacked anything throughout his childhood. In fact, he was quite spoiled. Ordinary workers in the complex learned that it was best to let Kogi have whatever he wanted, unless they wanted to witness a volcanic temper tantrum. His main saving graces were that he was an excellent student and athlete. He was particularly successful in gymnastics (which, thanks to Zeffen's low gravity, is even more acrobatics oriented than Earth or Wars World gymnastics). It seemed that he would be fine going into the military.
Kogi, however, wanted a different path in life. He considered the military far too restrictive. (That he would have to take orders instead of give them was unconceivable.) Therefore, the day before his recruitment, he fled his family's chambers on the complex's first floor, sneaked onto a starship, and soon joined the largest circus in the quadrant.
Kogi greatly enjoyed working with the circus. He soon became the star performer among the acrobats, specializing in the trapeze. With his considerable grace, performing ability, and willingness to perform stunning moves as long as there was a net and a zero-g generator below him, he was also a strong profit maker for the circus as a whole. Kogi's CO Powers, selected by his parents, emerged during this period. For someone who should have been maintaining a low profile, Kogi was remarkably reckless. He used his powers to enhance his act. This newfound talent only increased his fame across Terran holdings.
That turned out to be Kogi's downfall as a fugitive. The forces of Black Hole found him, roughed him up a bit, and gave him a choice: conscription or death. Much as he hated being confined, he did not want to die. Kogi accepted his fate. His high standing back on Zeffen and his powers meant that he would not be serving on the front lines, and he was grateful for that.
Kogi, now called Adder, intensely disliked CO training, but suffered through it because he had no other choice. When he wasn't in training, he befriended a young technician, who would become Lash, and became acquainted with the grunt who would soon receive the code name Flak. Adder did something else as well. The Zeffenian government occasionally collected genetic samples from its officials. People who did not want to marry would go to the sample banks and have children created from them. Adder, always eager for fame, donated a sample for the recognition value.
After his training, Adder deployed to Wars World with the rest of Black Hole. He was eager to turn the tables and dominate others for once. In fact, by displaying the might of Zeffenian military power, he was able to woo some native Wars Worlders to Black Hole's side, allowing Black Hole to build its secret installations under the native governments' noses. Adder became closer to Flak and Lash. He also became one of the few people Hawke would speak to at length - mainly because Hawke was too intimidating for Adder to be snobby.
Then it came time for the invasion of Yellow Comet. Adder was chosen for this purpose because of his Japanese heritage. He had also studied the mores of Japanese culture. By extrapolating how they would be applied on Wars World, he exploited them to manipulate the Yellow Comet forces. Adder would have succeeded in defeating the denizens of the nation with their own virtues had it not been for two factors. The first was his own certainty in his (and, peripherally, Black Hole's) superiority. The second was Sonja and Sensei, whose ability to plan and determination to repel the invaders provided a necessary complement to Kanbei's aggressive spirit and dedication to honor. After being forced out of Yellow Comet, Adder aided the efforts in Green Earth. He witnessed the final shocker of the Macro Land conflict, watching as Hawke killed Sturm and took command of Black Hole. Hawke proved himself the stronger of the two, and Adder feared he would be the next target if he tried to flee.
Soon afterwards, the transmission from the Bolt Guard came. Adder was only too happy to return to Zeffen. He planned to tell his superiors that an upstart Wars Worlder CO had effectively performed an assassination and a coup. When he learned Flak was going with him, he was, of course, suspicious. Adder figured Flak was too stupid to do him real harm, though...


Before starting his return journey to Zeffen, Adder was by far the biggest ego in the Wars World Black Hole facilities. He grew up getting everything he wanted. Despite the nature of military life, he still gets most of it. His quarters in Black Hole facilities had to be spotless and absolutely in line with his specifications. Woe be to the soldier who left the bed unturned...
Adder's upper class background comes out in other ways. He has little respect for those who are less couth and less intelligent than him (though he can still be friends with these people; they are often his colleagues). On the other hand, he realizes that such people are often stronger and tougher than him. Adder is built more for agility. Since he knows this, Adder ironically relies on those that he does not respect to perform grunt work and protect him. He is a savvy individual willing to exploit any opportunities that come his way. When they don't, Adder is not above creating them by unethical means.

Combat Abilities

Adder is an acrobat, not a fighter. In the rare instances in which he's had to fight fair, he relied on his lightning reflexes to avoid his opponents' attacks and direct them toward their allies. He does know how to use a gun. Also, he is highly adept with knives, knowing just where to stab. Adder definitely prefers to strike silently, quickly, and at a distance.
His CO Powers are the ultimate achievement of this philosophy. They boost the reaction time and movement speed of Adder's soldiers - without reducing accuracy! As a result, Adder has become the most respected skirmish commander in Black Hole. He would still rather be back on the trapeze...


Adder's relationships with his fellow COs are primarily for convenience. He needs Flak because Flak will do anything his superiors say and fight without reservations. Also, Adder does not want Flak deciding that he should receive a beatdown. On the starship, he is currently staying away from Flak as much as possible. He's no fool.
His relationship with Lash is a little less tense. Lash is annoying only because her energy level is through the roof. Adder enjoys talking to her because, unlike Flak, she pays at least some attention to high culture (usually the parts that involve explosive special effects). He also reluctantly bows to her technical superiority. After all, Adder isn't entirely sure how his battalion's robotic units work; he's more of a tactician.
Hawke is Adder's superior (or, at least, was). Adder has a personal policy of not betraying superiors unless they are obviously weaker than him. Hawke is stronger than Adder could ever hope to be, and he fears him. As a result, he is effectively Hawke's toady, acquiescing to his every wish with minimal fuss.
Recently, though, Adder learned of something that may change his life. He received a courier message from Zeffen. The writer, a young Bolt Guard CO native to Terra's Asian region, had heard of Adder's powers and realized they were similar to his own. After performing some research, Adder suspected the young man might be his child. He hopes to meet him on Zeffen. Of course, Adder will not be happy when he hears his potential offspring has deployed to Wars World in his mother's entourage...

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