Advance Wars Tech Survey - By Grit from AWR

The Advance Wars Tech Survey is a set of articles written by Grit from AWR, a long-serving member of the community, who wrote these articles a number of years ago. He has kindly given permission for us to upload these articles for all to see, both old fans and new readers alike.

Author's Introduction:
Yes, I've decided to try my hand at starting an Advance Wars survey. However, unlike the first, this one will concentrate more on technology, that is, weapons and vehicles. Things I'm planning to include are drawings, tech specifications, and background information on each unit. I can't promise you Abalux material, but I hope you'll enjoy reading it anyway.
A few things before I start:
- I'm trying to make the information in this fit closely with the existing Wars World Survey - hope you don't mind, Abalux.
- These are just my interpretations, of course. Though I loosely base them off real life military technology, history, and other people's ideas, these still may differ from your idea. Debate and discussion over the following articles is welcome!
- I'll apologize in advance for the lack of drawing ability in some places, especially with regards to people. I hope you won't find things eye-gougingly bad, however.
So, without further ado, I present the Advance Wars Technological Survey.

I. Foot Soldiers and Small Arms
II. Reconnaissance Vehicles
III. A Brief Note on Vehicles of the Black Hole Army
IV. Reconnaissance Vehicles (Cont.)
V. Armoured Personnel Carriers