Forum Issues - Posted 28th March 2008 11:30 GMT - JoJo

Unfortunately, the forum's SQL server is having a lot of problems at the moment. It's been happening over the past few days, giving us a lot of intermittent downtime. It's frustrating, but unfortunately there's nothing we can do about it.

The hosts are onto the issue - it's a good few days old, now - but we just have to tolerate it. Hopefully it'll be sorted soon... sorry, guys.

Adverts and Downtime: Updates - Posted 15th March 2008 19:00 GMT - JoJo

Just a quick update on both of these fronts:

Adverts have now been rolled out into all pages that will support them.

The reasons for the downtime- server maintenance and router upgrading- went along swimmingly, and the only after effect is that pages now load faster, more consistently.

That's all today- I'm recovering from deadline overload.

Adverts and Downtime - Posted 11th March 2008 19:10 GMT - JoJo

Sorry about the lack of updates- university can be a total pain when lecturers decide to set all their deadlines on the last week of term.

That aside, there are two new things that need mentioning. First of all, as you may or may not have noticed, to the right we now have a single advertising banner. Before I go any further, I would like to add that that is the only place you will see the banner. You won't get popups or anything like that; just the GoogleAds banner.

The adverts are actually pretty good, since putting the code in just now, I've already had one offering AW: Dark Conflict for ?25, so there may well be more deals available through the ads.

If you'd like more information on the adverts, then please follow the link labelled "adverts" at the bottom of this update. When I have the time, I will be putting the advert code onto every page on the main website, but for now it will be just the Index.

Secondly, you may have noticed in recent days that both the main website and forum have been suffering from some terrible slowdown. As a result of our hosts finding two solutions to our problems, the entire website will be down from 6:00AM GMT Thursday 13th March, for around one hour.

There's nothing we can do about this, but suffice to say, I'm more than happy for the downtime to happen if it will improve the server's performance.

Again, more details are available on the Forums if you wish to know more- I don't want to bore those who don't wish to know the full story.

The next update may be a few days off, but it should contain a few bits of content.

Updates at the treble! - Posted on 20th February 2008 22:00 GMT - JoJo

First and foremost, it certainly went unnoticed on the forums, and it's definitely come out quietly, but Battalion Wars II (BWii), finally got an EU release on the Friday just gone. Hopefully we'll get some BW and BWii content up relatively soon.

Secondly, website updates. Technically speaking, four pages appeared today, but only two have content worth mentioning. The first one being the AWDS Tag Affinity grid, showing how different pairings receive different boosts/penalties.

The second update coming in the form of an essay of sorts, created by one of the forum members. Sogg will hopefully be making a series of these, which starts with Grit- the link below.

Now, the third update is much more interesting. With thanks to Tsu, one of the forum members, we have a collection of the songs from AW:DoR/AW:DC available for download. While it's not a complete collection, it's still pretty expansive. Still got a mountain of content to work through, so hopefully I'll have more free time to get a bigger update in soon.

Field Training Chapter 3 - Posted on 16th February 2008 23:10 GMT - JoJo

I've finally finished uploading the Field Training guides. That's all for tonight again, I'm afraid. :|

Quickie - Posted on 15th February 2008 22:55 GMT - JoJo

A quick update... I've added a further three missions to SciFiGuy's AW1 Field Training Guide. It's all my eyes could manage for tonight, unfortunately. The link's underneath, as before.

Slow Updates - Posted on 12th February 2008 21:55 GMT - JoJo

Apologies for how quiet the website has been update wise- while some of the members have beavered away at loads of content for the website, I just haven't been able to find the time to update, due to university.

Still, I'm posting tonight to say that I've managed to slip in a few more parts to SciFiGuy's AW1 Field Training guide... follow the link at the end of the update.

Meanwhile, our code is getting a little bit of a spring clean from Knight right now. When the updated code is rolled out fully, there should be no visual difference, but in the mean time, if you see any pages looking a bit odd (like the Legal page), don't worry, as it's simply code testing.

Finally, I'll add another plug for the forums, and the chatroom while I'm at it. Forum wise, there's a new section for organising WiFi battles for Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict, so if you want to battle, go check it out!

The updates should start trickling through a little faster in coming days and weeks... at least, I hope so. =)

New content! - Posted on 27th January 2008 17:35 GMT - Shade

Just a quick update from me to let you know that we've added in a few more pages today.

A page detailing the different armies in Advance Wars 1 has been added, with content courtesy of forum member Tommy.

The Advance Wars 1 General Info has been added, with content courtesy of Tommy.

In the same vein, the Advance Wars 2 General Info page has been added, again with content by Tommy.

And finally, the Advance Wars Dual Strike Info page is up, courtesy of everyone's favourite workaholic Tommy. I worry about him sometimes.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. We have our own custom 404 page now! I spent ages on this (five minutes really but I like making my life seem like a harsh epic saga so shutup), so please pay it a visit sometime and keep Jugger happy. I mean, there's so many broken links 'round here you can't really miss it.

Also, obligatory link to the forums because that's where all the cool guys and gals at.

omg hi - Posted on 24th January 2008 18:12 GMT - Shade

Well hello there, peons! This is Shade, Forum Webmonkey, and I'm here to give you an update on all things Wars Central, and the plans we have for the future.

1) Look out for a First Impressions article from me in the near future, regarding Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict. I just got home from getting two copies of the game myself and Jo had preordered (before the release date haha), and I'm going to play the everloving bejeesus out of it and ramble on about how much it has impressed me and how I want it to have my children. Half-human, half-SD card freakish mutant babies are all the rage now, I hear.

2) I'm also going to write up plans for a Wifi Connection Online Battle League Table or somesuch, for those people that want to play each other over them thar intertubes. We'll more than likely be giving out G to the top three or five or something at certain intervals, so it pays (literally) to have a go whern it's launched.

3) More and more content is going to be uploaded to the website in the future, too. I'd just like to give a big thanks to everyone who's contributed, especially those few people who have put together so many pages we're almost certain they have no life. Just kidding, we love you guys.

So yeah, that's the state of things as they stand. Me? I'm gonna go and chill out and kill little videogame army men on my DS now. So, if you've got the game or not, why don't you check out the forums?

...No, this isn't a shameless attempt to plug the forums. Why do you ask? ohgodpleasejointheforums

WELCOME! - Posted on 20th January 2008 21:15 GMT - JoJo

Welcome to the newly launched website for Wars Central!
Our aim is to become one of the biggest and best fan resources for both the handheld-based Advance Wars series, and the console-based Battalion Wars.
At the moment, the website is very thin on the content grounds, but we do have increasing numbers of pages becoming available.
The next few days will be focussing upon the imminent release of Days of Ruin... speaking of which, those who aren't in the know, cast your eyes downwards for a brief release list.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict
North America: Wednesday 23rd January
Europe; Australia: Friday 25th January

Battalion Wars 2 (BWii)
North America: On general release
Europe: Friday 15th February
Australia: TBA (2008)

In the mean time, why not check out our bustling forums (link below)? Chat about the new games, the old games, and pretty much anything else!